Tuesday, November 19, 2019

WIP: Sisters of Silence Vigilator Squad - Part 3

Sisters of Silence Vigilator Squad WIP

Not much to share today despite my efforts.  Such is the way as a project turns from laying down base colors to highlighting and painting small details. I expect to have much more progress, if not completed models, to share by the end of the week so I'm opting to skip the individual photos today.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator Squad WIP

I improved the gold armor by layering on Vallejo Old Gold, being careful to preserve shadows, and areas where the armor would be under less light and therefore darker naturally.  This results in a nice sheen that helps the armor pop a bit.  The gems (which had been based gold) were then painted with the GW Spiritstone Red technical paint.  This mirrors the GW Soulstone Blue that was painted on the Custodes gems in technique and over all appearance.

During this stage, many of the fine gold details were picked out on the cloaks, loin cloths, fur wraps, gloves, etc..  The Ladies are definitely looking a bit more flashy now.Still more work to do, including silver highlights on the armor, additional shading on the details, final work on the swords and finally the heads and faces.

I really like the overall look of this force a look forward to sharing them complete along side a few of my Custodes.  I expect they will continue to stand out while still appearing part of the larger Imperial force.  They are really great models regardless and very fun to paint.

I'll have more to share in a few days.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!