Tuesday, November 5, 2019

On the Workbench [November] - Adeptus Titanicus Terrain

Following hard on DreadTober 2019, I decided to take a painting break and work on some Adeptus Titanicus terrain I had still on sprue. I picked up a couple boxes of the original buildings, and then a box of the spires and it was time to get them off the shelf and put them together to see what I could come up with.  Some buildings were built stock from the instructions, some were of my own design. The kits go together well and provide a lot of options for customization.  I have a second spire kit on the way and will build out this set a bit more, I think.

This simple Administratum building should provide some good cover to advancing Titans and skulking Imperial Knights alike. I'm sharing front and back photos of each building to showcase the many details.

The spire kit blends well with the base building kit.  I built the spires pretty much stock form the instructions and then added them to some of the base buildings which I varied a bit for variety.

Lots of 40K Gothic goodness on all sides.

The small cathedral is a design all my own. It was fun to go through the various pieces and sort out the overall design.

Lots of windows to allow in the light of the Emperor of Mankind and various doors to admit the many, many pilgrims bound to bathe in His glory.

I imagined the nave the top end of the cross, so no doors there.

Another of my own design build, this was a blatant attempt to provide simple line of sight blocking terrain, at least for knights and the smaller warhound titans.  It is still good cover for the mighty Warlords.

A fun challenge is making sure pipes, doors and windows all make sense.

More stock build combinations to form various tall structures.  "Rule of Cool" and good line of sight blocking terrain combined! The details on the plastic kits just continue to amaze.

It's going to be great fun putting paint on these buildings.

Soaring arches, vaulted roofs, gilded domes - you have to appreciate the architecture of the age.

I guess that once you've seen one tall spire you've seen them all...

But they are still pretty cool!

For a game I haven't even played yet, I sure am excited to paint up the terrain...

Wow, you stuck along through all of this, eh?  Good on ya...

I promise it'll end...soon.

The humble beginnings of a basic building from the kit. This one awaits the new spire kit before it can soar to new heights.

And to think I found this simple structure pretty cool when first released.  The look even more fantastic with the spire kits bits on top as shown in the examples above.

SO that's where I'm at with a collection of terrain for Adeptus Titanicus.  Once painted up these buildings should provide a great backdrop for the Legio Tempestus Titan maniple I've painted up.  And now I have transfers!  Or will have once they arrive in the mail. Expect some more AT projects through out the hobby season.

For now, however, that's all I have from the workbench.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. I'm going back to the UK next month where the Titans are priced less stupidly than NZ. I was tempted to dip my toe in this game. You are not helping!

    1. I hope to actually play sometime, but none in my old man group play. I likely need to get out to a game store...bring back some cool UK titans! :)

  2. It is a great game system, I've only played it at AT28mm scale at the TitanOwnersClub Walk, but the game is awesome - must paint my mini Titans too!

    1. I think using the rules at 28mm scale was a brilliant idea for the Walks. I need to cajole one of my firelds to give it a go. I have built enough models for a modest game to test the rules. And with Tempestus, it's not that odd to have the same Legio fighting itself...

  3. Thanks for sharing wonderful archetects. Could you be kind enough to link me where to buy the backdrop from the second pic? It looks really grimdark and regal.

    1. I can't recall where I got that photo backdrop; I've had it for a long time. It came as a set with grey and one or two others I think and is made of a thin mouse pad-like material. Check out this review of something similar:
      You can also find similar designs to download and print on paper as well. I wish I could be of more help there! There is no label or brand printed on the mat itself to share.