Friday, November 22, 2019

WIP: Sisters of Silence Vigilator Squad - Part 4

Sisters of Silence Vigilator Squad WIP

More work on the ladies to share today. The eyes really took a lot of my hobby time this week.  Each pair have been painted and repainted several times to get them to where they are.  I'm generally pleased with them now, but I don't promise not to retouch one or too before the project is done. So... tiny...

Sisters of Silence Oblivion Knight WIP - front

The Oblivion Knight was a particular challenge around the eyes and I'm not sure I'm done.  Enough of the face is exposed in the helmet's eye slits that one really must paint the eyes in there.  No cheating!  Her scrolls have been shaded and highlighted now.  The sword grip was painted and shaded, but not highlighted. Ropes and tassels were painted and shaded. Purity seals were completed.

Sisters of Silence Oblivion Knight WIP - back

Lot's of little detail work goes into painting these ladies. And I continue to find the odd purity seal or other detail forgotten under a section armor or behind the folks of a cloak, etc.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - front

The forehead tattoo decals have been added to four of the five ladies with bare heads.  Not sure why the decal sheet came with only four decals when you can have five models with bare heads...?  A quick stop by eBay has another sheet on the way so I'll get the last one completed at some point when they arrive by mail.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - back

As with the Oblivion Knight, many details have been completed now, including ropes, sword hilts, etc. And those many eyes...

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - front

This sisters awaits her tattoo while I work on shading and highlighting her flesh.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - back

This cloak cries out for freehand, but the pleas fall on deaf ears for now.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - front

I like this sister a lot.  A certain fierceness and conviction came out of my ham-handed attempts to paint the eyes - at least at a distance. I rewarded her with a skull tucked away in a crack on her base. Just a little splash of the grim dark.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - back

As I work through the finished details the squad is coming together nicely.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - front

The tattoos solidify the Silent Sisters look for sure.  More shading of the face/head will soften them somewhat without blurring or obscuring them I hope.  Still working through what I want to do in my head. As shown here, the tattoo decals have simply been applied and then covered over with GW Lahmian Medium to protect and fade them into the head a bit.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - back

I haven't worked up to courage to got into this cloak with some freehand spots or stripes.  I feel a pelt like this deserves some extra attention. Unusual for an animal not to have some variation in its coat. The Oblivion Knight at least has the scroll papers down the back to break things up a bit.

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - front

Another fierce warrior stepping in to deliver the Emperor's justice. Not sure how they will play in either 30k or 40k games, but they look damn nice on the table. :)

Sisters of Silence Vigilator WIP - back

And that's where I'm at so far.  I had optimistically planned to be at a completion point by the end of this week, but there is more work to do.  With luck I can tie this project off before I head out with the family on Turkey Day. It would feel good to go into December with something new. I like the results here though, so I'm not going to force or rush them.

I'll fit one more post in before Thanksgiving arrives here in the US, with luck.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Excellent job so far, I’d be tempted to helmet the lot of them if that’s an option! Great stuff, any decent decals from elsewhere that would look good on the cloaks? Maybe the new SoB decals will peak your interest and make you revisit in the future? ;)

    1. Thank you, sir! Ah, decals on the cloaks...interesting. I’ll need to look through the box. There are some interesting Custodes stuff ghat might not be too Custodes as well...thanks for the idea!