Friday, May 17, 2019

WIP: Adeptus Titanicus Legio Tempestus Warhound Titans - Part 3

The Warhounds march onward!  I was able to finish up the initial taping for camouflage layer two. To get there, Dente Ferrum was taped up next, following Facta Belli and Lux Curet.  So much little tape pieces...

A look for the back...more tape, different angle.

And let's dip down to take in all the leg tape as well...

And last, but not least, Turbo Canis was taped up to make it four.

I realize posting up these pics that I never got back to drilling out weapon barrels.  That won't do.  Expect to see this changed in the next post. It's taken the hobby time of almost two weeks to get this first pass of tape done.  Yikes...I hope I can move faster on layer two. I won't give up, but I'd do almost ANY other hobby project at this point.  Got stick with it though!

Once all the tape was on, the second camouflage color (Vallejo Air USAF Light Blue - 71.111) was sprayed lightly over all the taped panels with an air brush. This left me with a clean slate to start taping once again for the final camouflage color. Here are the leg armor sections with the second camouflage color applied.

And now with more tape!   Ready for the third and final color. I get these after the way to provide an allusion of progress. Anything to to have something done builds confidence to go on and complete the rest.

Here is Facta Belli with the second layer of color applied. I'm trying to use care and not lay each layer on too think.  In this picture you can still see the color of the tape through the paint, so I'm not doing too badly at it. With the Reavers, I had a bumpy texture to the camouflaged panels after all the tape came off, making them look a little crude.  The Warlord came out WAY better, and I hope these Warhounds will as well.

Here are Facta Belli's legs all taped up for the final pass of camouflage colors.  I magnetized the waist of Facta Belli and Turbo Canis before I decided that wasn't really needed.  It does make this painting easier, no doubt.  I'm leaving them along for now, though I may glue things down permanently at some point after everything is painted up. I keep getting their legs mixed up and they come apart unexpected when handling some times when I forget, especially since the other two Warhounds are glued together without magnets.

I'll close this post with the progress on Turbo Canis. Another view of my attempts to keep the paint light while still achieving good coverage and color intensity.

Turbo Canis will have black/white thigh armor, so only the groin plate needs camouflage work. Part way through, I realized there are these little shin plates above the main leg armor that I hadn't thought of.  For now they got a coat of the second camouflage color.  Not sure what I'll do in the end, but they won't be camouflaged unless it stands out negatively for some reason.

So that's where I'm at.  All four titans have their second camouflage color applied and two have partial taping for the third layer. I'd like to be laying down the third and final camouflage color by the end of next week, so we'll see.  Things should progress MUCH more quickly after that.  I love the moment when I take off all the masking (tape and putty) to reveal where each of the titans really are.

Come back next week to follow along. I hope your own projects are moving forward well.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. You are a glutton for punishment! So many small triangles. Looks great though mate!

    1. Yeah, pretty ridiculous, but the results make it all good.