Tuesday, May 28, 2019

WIP: 30K Sisters of Silence Vigilators

Sisters of Silence Vigilators WIP

I was thinking a bit about the future of my Horus Heresy Dark Angels.  While thousands of points worth of Dark Angel's would be something to see (and own!), I enjoy more variety from my hobby and my gaming experience.  So I though about the Custodes I already have built and painted which could be used as part of a Talons of the Emperor allied detachment.   And that brought me to considering the sprue of Vigilators from the Burning of Prospero boxed set that I had put aside.

I can field a Sister of Silence HQ, Vigilators and some Custodes in an Allied detachment and I already have most of the models.  This detatchment could be a fun side project and painting challenge.  I went to eBay for a single SoS model to make six all together so I can pick one out to be an Oblivian-Knight, a good cheap HQ for the detachment. This composition will fit in well with the custom Burning or Prospero campaign I'm considering with a gaming buddy who has 30K Thousand Sons.

Sisters of Silence Vigilators WIP

I built the models stock and created custom cork bases to match the Custodes bases I have already assembled and painted up. Then I mounted the five sisters I have for painting.  I'll get the sixth eventually through the mail. At present, I think I'll use the pointing sister as the Oblivian-Knight.  The eBay purchase is a blind buy, so there's no telling who I'll get.

Sisters of Silence Vigilators WIP Custom Bases

The bases were primed with Vallejo Surface Primer Black and then coated with a thin coat of Vallejo Black Lava to mask the cork texture. The Sisters were all mounted on bourbon corks for painting (my preferred "painting handles", currently). As side projects go, this one was quick and painless.  The Sisters may languish a bit in the cabinet waiting for paint, sadly.  I must get through my Legio Tempestus Warhounds and probably add some core Dark Angles to my First legion force before I can justify putting time into this new unit.

Expect to see these ladies pop up again on the blog before the summer ends here in the NE, regardless!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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