Friday, May 11, 2018

WIP: Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters

WIP Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters close up

Following on the build of my Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors, I built five Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters that I had left over from Squaduary 2018. There are three heavy plasma incinerator marines to travel with the stalker bolt rifle Intercessors, and two assault plasma incinerator marines to go with the auto bolt rifle Intercessors.

Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters WIP assembly line
On the assembly line

They were built stock.  Since there will be so few, I was not worried about varying posses, etc.  First the three with heavy plasma incinerators were assembled.

Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters with heavy plasma
Getting the poses right

Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters with heavy plasma front
ready to rock!

Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters with heavy plasma back
A look at the chapter symbols.
Next the two marines with assault plasma incinerators were assembled. No issues at all integrating the Deathwatch bits into the Hellblasters kit.

Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters with assualt plasma front
More posing

Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters with assault plasma front
Ready to rock!

Deathwatch Primaris Hellblasters with assualt plasma back
More chapter icons
So having completed those, I got some family shots with their new squads. The first Deathwatch Intercessor squad will be for long and mid range deployments where fire support is needed.

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessor squad A WIP

The second Deathwatch Intercessor squad will be for mid range fire support and short range assaults.  I see these guys teleporting in, or piling out of a transport. or possibly, just foot slogging forward to lead the assault.

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessor squad B WIP

A little hobby knife cleanup will address any remaining mold or glue lines/blemishes.  Also, both squads have new members inbound.  Both Aggressors and Inceptors are on the workbench currently.  More on those later!

While I have many Veteran marines for deathwatch as well, I'm enjoying this Primaris project along with the coming rules and the flexibility allowed in building and deploying Primaris kill teams. I think running a mix of units will still be fun and effective.  Though I'll admit that since I model/hobby FAR more than I actually play the game, I'm not overly stressed about the effectiveness of the force.  It's more a matter of what is fun to build and paint for me at this point. Also, I might not have built these if it wasn't for all the sprues I'd hoarded when Primaris kits first were released.  I had imagined this all for the Dark Angels, but they can wait a little longer for their reinforcements. :)

Are you working on any Deathwatch projects for the new codex?  If so, please share in the comments.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Coming along nicely. I am going to pick up a set of Intercessors with the codex this weekend. Feel like I'll be adding some to my Deathwatch pretty quickly!

    1. Hard to pass up...I'll be interested to see how they modify you replay style and fill in gaps in what the Deathwatch could previously do on the table top. Though I suspect the added stratagems and what-not will also beef things up nicely overall.