Thursday, May 3, 2018

On the Workbench [ May] - Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors

In "On the Workbench", I describe whatever current projects find themselves on the work table, vs. the painting table.  While I am trying to increase my painting output to improve the overall painted state of my existing is after all a collection.  So there must be new stuff added too from time to time.  I very much enjoy the modelling aspect of the hobby and it gives me a break here and there from painting.

This month, we have a Deathwatch codex arriving and I have been captured by the early release material describing how Primaris marines will now fit in with the Deathwatch.  I love the Primaris models anyway, and recently added a 10 man Hellblaster squad to my Dark Angels as part of Squaduary 2018. They look even better in Deathwatch livery!

So on the workbench this month are 10 intercessors.  Five carry auto bolt rifles and five carry stalker bolt rifles.  Time will tell how they get broken up and added into independent kill teams.  One of the Stalker bolt rifles also bears a grenade launcher.  I'm picturing two kill teams.  One that is up front and personal to clear objectives, and one that sits back and camps on a back field objective while raining death down on the enemy.

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors WIP Bodies built

First, all the bodies were assembled in their pairs.  While I have some intercessors from the boxed set, those models have molded shoulder pads and I am not going through the difficulty of replacing them with Deathwatch shoulder pads. So I am re-purposing a box of Dark Angels intercessors I hadn't built yet.  The Dark Angels can use decals on the boxed Intercessors.

This kits assembles well.  Once could want for a bit more variation in poses, but the kit comes chocked full of special bitz that really make kill team members stand out, in my opinion.  Slung bolters, checking equipment, etc..  I took full advantage of this with some members.

Here are five with auto bolt rifles.

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors WIP Auto Bolt Rifles

These kill team members do their best to look involved, up close and personal in their assault roll. There is a Flesh Tearers marine with his combat knife out ready to strike. The marine in the center is directing team members at some objective or threat.  They are moving in and ready to unleash the Will of the Emperor! I have been trying out some custom shoulder pads to add to the variety of chapters represented, so you 'll note a couple frosty looking shoulder pads.

These guys are bare bones at this stage.  I have still to add on all the equipment and bling that will give them the veterans of the Deathwatch kill team look.  And of course, there will be basing.  The rank and file of my Deathwatch get the "glue and gravel" look with some added xeno tech, skulls and other lost equipment sprinkled in here and there. 

Here are five with stalker bolt rifles.

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors WIP Stalker Bolt Rifles

These guys are set up and raining down shots, or getting into position to do the same. I love the model looking down at his arm mounted equipment. I mixed in a few bare heads for fun.  It is characterful to show a few hard faces in the team and gives me more opportunity to practice painting bare heads.  Here are a couple shots of the team with the basing done.  I used some Ork and Tau skulls from the GW plastic skull set to dress these guys up as fighting Xenos breeds...

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors WIP Bases complete

Deathwatch Primaris Intercessors WIP bases complete

I can't wait to get paint on these guys!  I'll return to the Armigers, however, before doing so.  I have a few more models planned for the Primaris Deathwatch.  I'll assemble a box of Inceptors and a box of aggressors.  And I have a couple Hellblasters left over from Squaduary as well.  These will be in various weapon configurations and should add nicely to the Intercessors to form two 10-man kill teams in force, or will be broken up into small teams as necessary.

Are you looking forward to the new codex?  Let me know in the comments.  I sure am, so you can expect to see some more Deathwatch painting here over the coming months.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!!


  1. Definitely looking forward to the new codex! I think I'll be adding some Primaris marines to the force. Bolt Rifles with special issue ammunition? Yes, please!

    1. Absolutely! I'm interested in how various Primaris units interact with rules in mixed kill teams. As spelled out on the community site, I see some agressors and inceptors beeing added for fun and shenanigans. Possible a couple reivers too.

  2. My worry for the deathwatch codex is that people are saying it's the best way to play primaris marines, which is great for those who want to collect primaris only armies... but what about those of us who have deathwatch collections and don't want to add primaris? I'm hoping they've given the basic troopers some assistance. If the primaris get all the love then sure, the deathwatch army in principle can work... but mine can't...

    1. Yes, I agree this is a concern. If nothing has been done in the points or through some other options to improve the effectiveness of "plain" veterans over these new Primaris options then the Deathwtach been done a disservice. It seems with standard marines that the primaris haven't taken over yet. There is still ample value to include non-primaris infantry choices. We'll soon know!