Tuesday, June 6, 2023

On the Workbench [June] - HH Dark Angels Legion Despoiler Squad


Age of Darkness Horus Heresy Dark Angels Despoiler Squad WIP

I have a short post today to share a Dark Angels Despoiler squad I built for the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness (30k) game. This squad has been put together using three sprue of Mark VI space marines from the Age of Darkness boxed set (including bits form the accessory sprue), A couple sets of Dark Angels Mark VI shoulder pads and heads, and two sets of the new Mark VI Despoiler arms recently released.  The two sets of arms allowed me to assemble 12 marines with the 13th (a sergeant) built using parts from the agent of darkness set.  

I'm designing the squad to be a legal 15 marine squad, but with the intent of fielding it as a 10 marine squad so it can catch a ride in a rhino and zoom to where these fellas need to get work done. The extra five marines are then to be used as options to kit out the 10 marine squad to fit a given battle. So, I will add two more marines at some point soon, probably another plasma pistol/chain-sword, maybe two (for the 15 marine squad). Or, maybe another power axe, or 2-handed chain-sword.  So many choices!

In the squad above, we have a sergeant with power fist and plasma pistol, two marines with power axe and bolt pistol, one marine with chain-sword and plasma pistol, two marines with 2-handed chain-swords and seven marines with chain sword and bolt pistol. I threw a vexilla on one of the chain-sword/bolt pistol marines to help with combat resolution since this is definitely a squad that gets into hand-to-hand action.

 I can't imagine when I'll get paint on these marines, but I really like how the squad came out.  It was a perfect use for some of the 'extra' marines I got in the Age of Darkness box.  I say extra because I already had quite a large number of MkIII and MkIV marines/squads from prior releases and Forge World sets.

As a sort of quick review, the arms come with pegs that match well to the small holes or sockets in the shoulder joints of the plastic MkVI marines. This really helped with easy alignment/positioning and good glue joints.  For customization, it is an easy matter to remove the pegs so the arms can be in whatever position suits the imagination. As it was, the arms were a pleasure to work with and match well with the plastic, as expected.

That's it for now.  Azrael is basically done, so expect I'll post up some TO DONE pics next.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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  1. I only recently ordered the arms from FW do to pretty much the same as you here for my Blood Angels. Great to see that it should work out!