Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Squaduary 2023 - the Pledge!


Horus Heresy Dark Angels Inner Circle Knights Cenobium WIP

Greetings, and welcome to Squaduary 2023.  The inspiration comes from a community challenge that is no longer running.  However, I have valued the opportunity to put a stake in the ground and say with certainty that at least ONE squad from my collection will be painted each year. 😆 So it is that I have continued to challenge myself to paint a squad of some sort each February.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Inner Circle Knights Cenobium WIP

This year, I'll paint up these five Inner Circle Knights Cenobium from Forge World for the Horus Heresy Age of Darkness game.  They are a specialized, terminator armored elite choice for the Dark Angels legion. I primed these guys shortly after receiving them in the mail, then sat on the project for a bit...maybe a year or more?  yikes...

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Inner Circle Knights Cenobium WIP

I did start to base coat the cloaks and symbols before moving on like the hobby butterfly I am. But that still leaves me most of the work to do which qualifies for my loose set of personal rules for the challenge. So that's what we'll have on the painting table for February. I hope the shift away from tiny planes is a pleasant change. If I do well with these and get my 28mm painting mojo back, then I might just tackle this before the winter is done...

Horus Heresy Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Primarch WIP


Cheers and Happy Squaduary!


  1. Nothing like a community event (even if it's a legacy one) to get the motivation going. Those knights are such detailed models - they will look great!

  2. A a timely reminder, thanks. I look forward to seeing your progress! Right, I've just had a dig around and found a long overdue squad of Reivers, so I guess I am in. I have a Titan to finish first, so progress for first two weeks until Beachhead Titan Walk may be slow!

    1. Excellent, would be great to see you work. Hope the titan is coming along how you'd expected.