Friday, January 14, 2022

Kill Team Christmas Challenge - part 3


Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

Now with more plasma!  Greetings and welcome back to my WIP series on the Kill Team Christmas Challenge over on Goonhammer.  This week I pushed on with painting all the various details on these troopers.  They are starting to look really good now.  The next step in painting will be to highlight everything and clean up any remaining mistakes.  I also have a few details to complete, such as the medic's hand bag and the "chaplain's" book and rosary.  There are other details too that I want to spend time on as I move to close on the project.

Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

For now, the team leader's power sword is painted along with the plasma effects on hist plasma pistol and the Gunner's plasma gun. The metals have been shaded and the eye lenses o the masks painted in. But before I could get more paint done I needed to take a drastic step that would no doubt end up in tears and some fix up so I didn't want things to be too 'finished' at this point.

Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

When I assembled these models, I did not intend to put them on any special bases.  But once the challenge kicked off, I knew I had to paint these on trench work bases to match my original Death Korps of Krieg army (as seen in this blog's title pic above).  So at this stage, I decided to go a head and remove the models from their plastic bases and insert pins in preparation for mounting them on new resin bases (Now OOP from Secret Weapon Miniatures - who says hobby hoarding is bad?).

Fortunately, the surgery went very well with only one snapped off foot...and I bet you won't be able to tell which model lost a foot from the pic above.  

Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

Here are the new bases, still drying after a round of heavy shading.  Some dry brushing and a few minor details will see these ready for mounting.  I'll likely put some water effects in the puddles once I've figured out where the models will be mounted on each.  That should finish things off nicely. Not a typical kill team base, but these well detailed models really needed to be displayed in their battlefield element. I also like the notion of being able to field them in some future hypothetical game along side their resin brethren.

So I'm gaining on the end game with the project, but there's still plenty to do.  I have to stay focused, as I'm already looking ahead to Squaduary and Monster March...

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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