Friday, January 21, 2022

Kill Team Christmas Challenge - part 4


Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

Greetings and welcome to continuing progress on my Goonhammer Kill Team Christmas Challenge project.  As you can see above, the models are all mounted on their new trench work bases now.  Prior to gluing the models down, I dry brushed a couple lighter tan colors on the bases.  This helps them be a bit muddier, particularly on the boards.  After gluing, I carefully cut and scraped off extra epoxy that pooled out around the feet.  Then I touched up the bases as needed to clean up issues left after the whole process.

Kill Team Veteran Guardsmen Death Korps of Krieg WIP

The last step was to repaint the black base rims. As seen above, they we looking pretty messy after the base painting process.  I touched up the green armor that has rubbed off here and there due to handling, then painted a red strip on the team leaders helmet to match the sergeant's I'd painted previously for the Death Korps of Krieg.  I used red stripes for squad leaders and white stripes for platoon leaders.

So now it's back to the details.  I have yet to paint in the mask filter boxes on their chests; and the medic bag needs attention too.  And then all the highlighting and weathering.  Turns out to be a bit more left to do than I had hoped for by this time, but I'm still plugging ahead and hopeful to complete before Feb 1.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. There's a plastic Death Korps kit?! The Emperor does protect! Awesome work!

    1. Heck yeah, there is! Originally part of Kill Team Octarius, it is now going to be available as a separate kit too, and also in s smaller kill team starter set.

  2. They look DAMn fine!
    The Death Korps are really nice models and your paint job more than does them justice.