Tuesday, November 9, 2021

On The Workbench [November] - Killzone Octarius


Greetings!  After a bit of a break following DreadTober, we're back it it here on 262Krieg.  I decided it was time to assemble the miniatures from Kill Team: Octarius and try out the new Battlefoam Octarius box inserts.  As you can see from the title pic, this foam raises the cover a good 2 inches, due to the size of terrain.  But the box remains secure and it's great having everything packed away safe and sound.

The terrain fits primarily standing up, except for the oil derrick, which lays on its side. The folks at Battlefoam cut everything perfect to size, so everything fits snug, but accessible.

The second, thinner tray holds the Kill Teams and the rest of the thinner terrain.  The detail on the models is very good and I'm looking forward to putting paint on everything at some point.  Here's a better look at the assembled models.

Ork Kommandos WIP 

While assembling the orks, I waffled emotionally from feeling they were the worst GW models I've worked with to feeling they were quite cleverly done.  The sculpts are amazing with all the fine detail and sharp edges one would expect from a GW product these days.  The parts are ALL OVER THE PLACE on three sprues, however.  Seriously.  There is almost no rhyme or reason to their placement and one can expect to spend a good deal of time hunting down each part.

Ork Kommandos WIP

Then they are almost too cleverly designed from an assembly point of view.  It was not always clear how to orient various arms in the shoulders, and a few other parts took some fiddling with before it became clear how they fit together.  That said, once past the annoyances, they go together well and look great as I hope my quick snaps illustrate faithfully.

Ork Kommandos WIP

One challenge is there are several options when assembling the boyz. Without playing the game, I had to make some choices on what team members I would have. Should I ever get a chance to play the game, I hope I won't be disappointed in my choices.

Ork Kommandos WIP

Moving on to the Veteran Guardsmen, these models were the polar opposite to the orks, in terms of assembly shenanigans.  The guardsmen parts are sanely and intuitively laid out and fit together clearly and quite well.  I foresee another group of these getting built at some point. Here again, I had to make some tough choices on which team members to build.

I have a soft spot for Krieg guardsmen so these guys will definitely get some love with the paintbrush.  I predict a Squaduary 2022 project in the making.

Death Korps of Krieg Veteran Guardsmen WIP

Lots of fine character and detail in these models.  Very guard, very Krieg. GW provides all sorts of equipment extras to load these guys up with too, which was fun.  Probably a painting nightmare though. :)

Death Korps of Krieg Veteran Guardsmen WIP

Fun to see some flavor with the bionic on this veteran. I had to go with a sniper and spotter. I'm sure both will end up tossed against a wall by any number of lumbering Ork Kommandos.  But they'll look sharp as they fly through the air.

Death Korps of Krieg Veteran Guardsmen WIP

The idea of a guardsmen bruiser is pretty funny in a box with Orks.  I'm pretty sure he'll be the one ending up with bruises, but we'll have to see. Maybe he'll get to pick on some Tau at some point.

Death Korps of Krieg Veteran Guardsmen WIP

So that's the Octarious Kill Team box.  I recommend the Battlefoam inserts if you have the room (height) for the box.  You can purchase the trays separately if you only want to store the kill teams in the box.  I debated that before going ahead and getting both trays.

I'm not sure how long these models will languish (er, ripen? eww) before I decide to put paint on them.  I'm looking forward to it, but I am also looking forward to getting some Aeronatica Imperialis planes done...and I have titans in the queue...and more marines...so. many. marines. So we'll just have to see how the hobby season goes.

Stop back again soon to see what's next.  My money is on Aeronautica Imperialis planes - likely starting with the models from the first set.

Stay safe.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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