Friday, September 17, 2021

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP - Part 3


Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

Greetings!  I've been hacking away at these Grey Knights making slow but steady progress.  A couple local friends starting playing a new online co-op 1st person shooter and I allowed myself to get drawn in.  While fun to hang out online and shoot bad guys with friends, gaming can definitely be a big time sink.

Quite a bit of detail work has gone on here. I lined all the book icons in red, highlighting the purity seals in the process. The sergeants' heads got some paint and the bases are just about done.  Oh and the final highlights on the power weapons are finished.

I started with a bit of a pink shade to the skin that was just  Some GW Gryphonne Sepia on top filtered the pink to a more natural pale skin tone.  These guys wear helmets...a lot...and are otherwise in ships or fortresses.  So I'm not imagining them getting too tanned. never mind whatever goes on with the plastic surgery and what not to address their horrific wounds.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIPGrey Knights Strike Squad WIP

A close up of the second sergeant illustrates further the hardening result of adding the sepia over the softer looking pink/magenta shading. Features are no more defined in the bargain. Time to put some eyes in and clean up the mouths, etc.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

The combat squads are otherwise coming together. It was good to get the bases done. I have yet to highlight the armor or weapons. I'm playing around with white and blue shading on the hammer and staff, trying to get a bit of a power glowing effect there that compliments the swords and halberds.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

Not sure if I have the effect right yet. I'll share some close ups at some point.The swords look like this.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

I am using the same formula/recipe for everything now, starting with my Custodes after watching Duncan's (now old) GW YouTube video.  It will help everyone fit in when viewed as an entire force. The halberds came out looking like this.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

Hopefully, I will call these guys done by the end of next week.  They are very close to complete.  I love how they are coming out and find Grey Knights a pleasure to paint in general.  It's a fun pallet of colors and all the bling makes each model stand out. If following my journey with these guys is proving tiresome, hang in there.  I have a nice big meaty dread coming for DreadTober 2021 to mix things up a bit.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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