Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP - Part 2


Grey Knight Strike Squads WIP

Greetings! I have a short post today to share the latest progress on the two Grey Knight strike squads that I began last week. Over the holiday weekend I was able to spare some time from family pursuits to get a little painting done.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

I decided the sergeant would have a white shield with black sword.  It's a little plain, but he IS just a sergeant after all.I painted in all of the brass/gold details on weapons and armor.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

Then, I got to work on the helmet eyes and power blades. I'm using the same blade recipe as the Custodes to keep things reasonably consistent should the forces meet on the same tabletop one day.

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

The I painted copper bullet jackets visible in the ammo boxes and finished the purity seal wax.  Oh, so many purity seals on these guys!  Yikes...

Grey Knights Strike Squad WIP

Last up, I hit all the tabbards, parchment, purity seals, and brass/gold details with a healthy coat of GW Agrax Earth Shade.  Now these guys are looking like Grey Knights. Next I have to finish the power weapons, paint the two squad leader heads, and highlight everything.  Last up, I'll paint the bases.  So a decent amount of work a head of me, but things should wrap up pretty soon. Certainly I'll be done in plenty of time for DreadTober 2021.  Hopefully I can even squeeze in one more project before the end of September.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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