Friday, May 22, 2020

WIP: Blackstone Fortress Hostiles - Part 1

Surprise! While I had expected to work on Heresy era Dark Angels Dreadwing models next, I have some molding skills to perfect so I get shoulder pads for my Destroyers to match the new Interemptors that come with embossed pads (if indeed they are Dreadwing Icons at all...).

So I decided to continue to make advances on the Blackstone Fortress models I started as part of Squaduary 2020. This involved getting the airbrush work on the bases out of the way so I could move on to some brush work.

I started out with a coat of Vallejo Game Color Air Electric Blue over my usual black primer.  With the paint in the airbrush, I decided to get out all of the models I had based so far and get them all done in one batch. This will make it easier to pick up new ones to paint in the future.

GW Agrax Earthshade then goes over the blue panels in a heavy coat.  In this case, I used a custom Brown wash I've been experimenting with.  A little less goopy and better flow to the recesses without as much risk of staining.  Regardless, any brown wash would due for bases.

Next a careful shot of bright white in the vent-looking recess of the Necromunda bases. I got this idea from pics of a commission that White Metal Games posted online back along.  Quick and effective when paired with the Blackstone Fortress tiles, though not as artistic as other BF bases I've seen out there.

Last up, a coat of Secret Weapon Miniatures Purple wash on all the white areas.  A little over-spray and wash is fine to help with the eerie glow effect.  Here are close ups of a couple I did for the Infested Brethren who are not based yet. This provides a closer look at the process.

Electric Blue with Brown wash.

White sprayed in the "vents"

Purple wash over the white
All of that took up enough of my limited hobby time that I skipped posting earlier in the week as I had very little to really show.  Next I started to work on the flesh of the models I've set aside to batch paint.

Chaos Space Marines
This was a Vallejo pale flesh color shaded with GW Reikland Fleshshade.  I tried a Secret Weapons Miniatures flesh wash I had on the space marines but it was WAY yellow. So that got fixed up with Reikland Flesh shade and some more flesh color.

Negavolt Cultists
Painting these guys I realized how long it has been since I painted any real flesh, except the odd head here and there.  Lots of flesh here...

Rogue Psykers
I'm looking forward to working on the Rogue Psykers in particular.  Lots of character and detail and totally different than anything else I've been painting. These nine models should provide great variety to keep the painting fresh for the next couple weeks.  I expect to continue experimenting with molding shoulder pads for Dark Angels as well.  I finally acquired the supplies I need so perhaps I'll have something to share for June's "workbench" article.

I hope everyone is staying safe out there.  That's it for now.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. I really like those bases, they'd work just as well in a Necromunda setting.
    Would the Electric blue that you've used be similar in tone to Citadel's the Fang (with white added) or is it a much cleaner blue?

    1. I'm not familiar with "the Fang", but I'd say it was closet to Lothern Blue, though the Lothern is a bit "grayer".

  2. Loving the bases, I really need to look into Secret Weapon washes.

    1. Thanks; simple and effective. I'm pretty hung up on Nuln Oil and Agrax, but when I venture out of blacks and browns, the SW washes typically come out.