Friday, April 5, 2019

WIP: Blades of Vengeance

40K Blades of Vengeance WIP


This week I am stalling on putting the final touches on my AT Warlord to build out a small force of the Ultima Founding's Blades of Vengeance.  The Dark Angels have been my primary 40K army for two decades, but I wanted the new primaris marines to have some identity of their own, particularly as their rules and such begin to depart from traditional first and second founding space marine chapters. I think it will be important to have a stand alone force as a result, instead of relying on being able to mix them in with my first founding Dark Angels.

After building a couple squads early in the week, I dug through my bits and bobs to see what I could put together. Since I was initially building my primaris marines as Dark Angels, many had the embossed legion icon on their left pauldrons.  That had to go.  While a few pads easily popped off with some judicious application of leverage, others would not budge.  So a little knife work was required to carefully scrape off the parent chapter's symbol. I recalled a few legionaries from their kill team as well. So after completing a few more intercessors and Reivers, I now have a decent starting force to begin painting.

Here's a close up of the characters.  Missing are the various Captains/Masters who are in various stages of disassembly after getting some attention a few months back with the airbrush.  I have been collecting as many individuals as possible...cause it's what I do. :)

40K Blades of Vengeance WIP - characters

We're pretty much hip-deep in Lieutenants at this point, too.  No shortage of leadership for the Primaris line. But the requisite characters are present here (Masters aside).

40K Blades of Vengeance WIP - Reivers

Not sure about the Reivers in the game, but I enjoy the poses and look forward to painting them up. I had picked up a box of five so I could use one or two for a kill team. For now they have been recalled to make this squad for the Blades of Vengeance.

40K Blades of Vengeance WIP - Hellblasters

I'm using my traditional Dark Angels basing method for consistency when I field the Unforgiven as a single force.  Here, the Hellblasters I showcased earlier in my workbench post have been based.

40K Blades of Vengeance WIP - Intercessors

I have a random mess of Intercessors right now, but as they get painted up, they'll from coherent squads, sharing squad numbers and what not.  A couple marines with grenade launchers were recalled from their kill team.  I had to remove the Dark Angel's icon from their pauldrons as well.

40K Blades of Vengeance WIP - Intercessors

I'm left with a couple odd marines below.  But I have a few more intercessors left over from building the Deathwatch marines, so I'll be able to fill out a third squad of five for sure, and probably bring it to ten.  Not sure I will field three squads of ten, but I'd like at least 20 intercessors to divide up as necessary for games. Not sure about the green marine below...was he a Lieutenant? Not sure why I based a single Dark Angels intercessor. He may end of a Sergeant, who knows.

40K Blades of Vengeance WIP - Intercessors

Also in the painting queue, but not shown here (yet) are a squad of three Interceptors with the bolt weapons from the Dark Imperium box.  I'd prefer the I expect I'll pick up another box at some point.  All in all, quite a fist full of marines to get started with.  If I make decent progress over the next couple months, I'll reward the effort with a Redemptor dreadnought (probably painted for DreadTober 2019)...and we'll see what else gets released for the Primaris line in that time as well.  Oh...and let's not forget the Shadowspear  force waiting on sprue either.  Plenty of bodies for this new Chapter in my collection. Note that I'm fielding this force as a painting project and not a tournament army.  I hope they see a game or two for fun, though!

Also, this won't be a full time project, but something I'll intersperse with my other work to keep things interesting.  I want to make progress on my 30K Dark Angels, complete my Titanicus project and get more done on My Legio Custodes force...and make progress on the Deathwatch of course...oh, and I really must get the Blackstone Fortress minis painted up...and the Rogue Trader kill team...

Plenty to do...

Cheers, and Happy Gaming!

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