Wednesday, April 10, 2019

WIP: Blades of Vengeance Intercessors


In a fit of modelling productivity, I chose to spend this week building the remainder of my Primaris models.  The results are 21 Intercessors and another lieutenant (for a total of three I think...or maybe four :) ).  While building the Intercessors, I realized that I had forgotten that their bolter type matters, and the bits in the kit aren't just a stylistic choice. This led me to remodel a few and reorganize my squads.

First up is a squad of six Intercessors with Stalker bolt rifles (one with grenade launcher).

Then there are three squads of five Intercessors with standard bolt rifles (with a couple grenade launchers).  Keen readers will note that the third squad has three models with auto bolt rifles. I'm leaving them for now.  I'll use them as "counts as bolt rifles" or I'll run the squad with all auto bolt rifles to try 'em out if necessary.  I expect I'll add a couple more intercessor models at some point to fix the situation since I'd like to have two squads of ten when necessary. As it is, I've set things up to be three squads of five or a squad of ten and a squad of five. If I add five more with the right mix of weapons, I can end up with a squad of five auto rifles and two squads of ten bolt rifles.  We'll see...

Last up I built the clam-pack Dark Angels Lieutenant, minus the Dark Angels shoulder pad.  That was replaced with a standard Intercessor shoulder pad instead so I can lay down the Blades of Vengeance chapter badge instead.  Otherwise the the rest of the character trappings will fit the successor chapter motif just fine. I built my original Dark Angels sergeant for a Kill team and changed his weapon now I have two, one with bolt rifle and one with plasma pistol.

So that's it so far this week.  I have based everyone to match my existing Dark Angels, and primed many of the models.  Another priming session this week will see the whole force ready for a base coat of Caliban Green with P3 Menoth White Base for the shoulder pads. That will all be done with the airbrush across all the completed models. Then I'll break the project back down into squads for the rest of the painting.  I hope to use the airbrush to get the force looking basically like the Blades of Vengeance, minus the details.

Then I'll be taking a break to get back to my Legio Tempestus project.  I have based the two Warhound titans I recently built and once I get them primed, I'll start on all four of the Warhounds together as a single project.  Ambitious maybe, but it'll motivate me to get it all done.  Then I can focus on the House Taranis Knights, and at some point build that final Warlord, still waiting patiently in its box.

Also, I'm talking with a gaming buddy about a 30K campaign, so I'll need to get back to the First Legion as well.  We may do a re-imagined Prospero campaign where the 1st Legion were sent to bring Magnus to heel instead of the Wolves of Russ.  So I need to get my squad of five Sisters of Silence built and painted up to joins some Custodes in the fun. Lots of good projects ahead.

That's all for now. Check back in to see a good variety of WIPs over the next couple months.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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