Friday, October 27, 2017

DreadTober 2017: Week 4 - TO DONE.

DreadTober 2017

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor close-up

Well, that went fast!  We're in the final days to finish up the DreadTober projects.  After a last session, I think I'm willing to call this one done.  I don't promise I won't fuss over a small detail here or there (I still haven't addressed the badly straight crackling electricity on the blade!), but overall this one is in the books.

In the last session I addressed some details and clean-up on the Grand Master's terminator armor. I added an odd highlight here and there where I'd either neglected something or hadn't brightened up a line enough. This included some fine edge highlights around the feet and ankles of the Dreadknight armor. Books and scrolls got some highlight love as well, something that is clear in the lead photo above.

Here's a final look at the fully assembled and painted Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight armor.

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor final front

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor final right side

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor final back

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor final left side

And a closer look at the Grand Master himself.

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor the Grand Master

And a closer look at the rear of the model which has hardly been seen to this point.  The Mechanicum cog peeks out.  I would like to do something more with the honor roll handing from the cog, but for now it is simply highlighted and left to the imagination.  I took on the challenge with the same scroll bit on my Ordo Malleus Inquisitor, but here I was at odds with where I wanted it to go.

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor rear close-up

A final look at the heraldry on the left knee/shin armor. While simple, I was very pleased with how this part came out.

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor left knee close-up

The tilting shield stands out nicely on the shoulder without capturing the eye too much. 

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor tilting shield close-up

And finally, the power sword.  For my very first attempt, I am very happy with this.  It didn't end up meeting the expectations I had in mind, but it serves well and gives the model more interest than my typical "steel blade with blue wash" approach would have. This is something I'll continue to work on since most of the Grey Knights will have some power weapon or another. I'm sure I can get better at the blending.  Oh, and I made my final decision to go with a simple white skull on the right shoulder instead of a white stripe with a black skull, like on the left knee/shin.

Grand Master in DreadKnight Armor sword close-up

So there he is.  A step ahead of my first entry last year (a Deathwatch dreadnought) and done on time as well. Given that the Grand Master is a Grey Knight character, I also get to call this an item done on my TO-DO list. So here's the stamp of approval (thanks again to 40kaddict!)

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Wow, that is a gorgeous model! Well done! I like the intensity of that blue on the power blade also. Very energetic. How many colors did you use on it?

    1. Thank you! The sword was done following Duncan’s recipe from Warhammer TV on YouTube. It was four different blues, I believe.

  2. Great job mate, love the extras you added to mark him out as the Grand Master

    1. Thank you! I hoped I carried that off reasonably. I was not so motivated to go heavy into the conversion side with a custom GM body or some such (similar to what GW did with the Voldus mini in their WD conversion). So I did put some thought into what I had for bits that could be added provide solid visual clues. I guess the real test will be once I finish the other standard dreadknights....will the GM still stand out?