Saturday, March 25, 2017

Munitorum Armoured Containers WIP

Two sets primed and based

Writing up the March workbench post prompted me to continue with the containers now that I had six primed models and few excuses.  So it was that I fired up the compressor and took the air brush out to set some base colors down.  First off, I decided to try modifying the primer with a top-down zenith highlight of grey. This approach is was hopefully going to add some interest to the base coat in terms of darker shading on the underside and lowest parts of the containers and the brightest shades on the top.

Container Primed with Zenith Highlight - Top

The zenith highlight here is laid down using Army Painter Uniform Gray. The top is covered entirely in the gray, while the sides are spray roughly halfway down.  I had not art or science here, just went on instinct based on some articles I've read from others in the past. I have absolutely no art/color theory background what-so-ever so these sorts of projects are always a chance to learn something new, hands-on.

Container Primed with Zenith Highlight - Side

Confident nothing was ruined so far, I set about applying the zenith priming to all of the containers.  Below is a set up shot of three of the contains after additional primer has been applied.  I used an Iwata Eclipse airbrush and a portable spray booth for the painting. In my basement hobby space, I was able to cut a hole in the hose for a typical "dryer vent" which I attached the spray booth to, so everything vents outside.  Not something every hobbiest is going the be able to do, esp. if you don't own the house you are hobbying in.

Three Containers Primed with Zenith Highlights

Now the colors...after much deliberation, I decided I wanted a mixed set of colors when I was done so the set wouldn't appear too uniform what stacked all together.  I was likely influenced by GW's own art here, I confess.  For me set, I chose red, yellow, and blue, with red being chosen for the majority.  The final result is spoiled in the opening pic above.  Here are close ups of each scheme.

Red Container

Three containers are based with Vallejo Model Color 70.947 Red.

Dark Yellow Container

Two containers were based with Vallejo Model Air 71.025 Dark Yellow.

Royal Blue Container

One container was based with Vallejo Model Color 70.809 Royal Blue.

Not sure how the primed zenith highlights will play in the long run.  But I can't see that any looks wrong or went wrong during painting either, so that's all for the good. The extreme lighting of the photo booth artificially lighten the container tops int he pics so I can't say you are seeing the true effect in these shots. One of the red crates also opens and has been fully painted in its interior.  So that leaves me four closed and two opened containers.

Lots of variety and color for the set.  I look forward to how things turn out. At some point, I'll tackle the drums and crates as well.  For now they sit primed but unloved...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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