Friday, March 24, 2017

HowTo: Scatter terrain and Objective Markers

Earlier this year I painted up some terrain pieces assembled on normal bases using barrels and crates from the Munitorum Armoured Container set with a few other bitz tossed on.  I had forgotten to share those so here they are!  I got the idea to use a couple large bases to organize items as a weapons cache, fuel stores, or just simply improvised cover.

Improvised Cover - Front

This is the largest piece and is set on a large oval base. Here I added elements form the bitz box to flesh out the scene of random Imperial Guard stores. This could serve as an objective, or simple cover. While I will add similar elements to my new Imperial buildings, I thought this was a great way to introduce additional cover that could be placed differently for each game rather than remain static with the builds.

Improvised Cover - Back

Another shot from the other side.  I forget the exact colors used here, but it was done primarily with Vallejo colors and GW Nuln Oil and Agrax Earthshade washes, then suitably high lighted. My style generally favors muted, dirty colors so my highlighting is not so extreme.  I am always reluctant to use bright highlights for fear of things looking garish or cartoon-y.

Munitions Stores

The pieces above complete the set with random piles of war gear.  I had fun with the skull in guard knife adding interest to the promethium barrels in the foreground. For the ground cover, I used a mix of fine and coarse gravel from some model railroad mix I bought years ago.  To that I add a few larger stones also from a model railroad scenic source. 

Everything is glued down using a quality wood glue (I find it sets with more staying power than a plain white/PVA glue).  Once dry, I usually paint over then wash and dry brush.  Here, I skipped the paint step and simply washed the mix heavily.  I pooled wash here and there for interest, esp. under the spigot of the promethium barrels.  For the larger rocks, I colored them in similar but different colors so that everything didn't seem unnaturally uniform, even picking out a few of the larger "coarse gravel" bits in different grays or browns.  A final wash over all set things up right.

A simple but very satisfying terrain project that I threw in just before Squaduary 2017 got started. In my next post, I'll show more progress son the the armored containers.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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