Friday, December 15, 2023

On the Workbench [December] - Legions Imperialis!


Legions Imperialis WIP

Hello and welcome back! The blog has been still for a bit, but we haven't been idle over here at 262krieg.  I picked up my copy of Legions Imperialis and couldn't resist the lure to start assembly.  I've been painting pretty steady for a while now and the break before the (already busy) holidays has been a treat. I've been plugging away building a handful of detachments each night over the last week or so to get to this point. Not much to share on a day-to-day basis!

As it is, I have just the one picture to share today. Above you can see Solar Auxilia on the bottom tray and my completed Adeptus Astartes models on the tray above.  Besides the Legions Imperialis game box, I picked up a box of Rhinos, Karatos tanks, and Baneblade tanks. The kits are fun to build - maybe a little fiddly for my large old hands - and go together pretty well. I am missing one 25mm base from the box set apparently, so I subbed in an old traditional beveled 25mm base for one walker.  Should be easy enough to pop him off later should I manage an extra base somewhere.  Otherwise it's playable enough as is.

Last up will be to build the Malcadors and Leman Russ tanks from the box set. Then I'll be done with this initial batch.  There are still the two warhounds, of course, which will get built at some point.  However I have a large number of Adeptus Titanicus titans for any game I wish to field them in all ready painted up.  I have a handful of Aeronautica Imperialis planes painted too but I need to paint up more variety for the space marines.  My marines will of course be drawn from the First Legion, Dark Angels. Not sure just yet when I'll get to putting paint on these bits.

I would have loved to love the rules more.  I don't know that they are bad - I was just hoping for some simplification like has been seen with Titanicus and esp. Aeronautica Imperialis.  Scanning the rules here, this feels like a big game of Warhammer 40K with smaller models.  Which is certainly cool, of course.  Who doesn't want to field large varieties of big tanks, titans, aircraft, etc. without the high cost and storage of the 28mm cousins (OK, fair point - Legion Imperialis is not cheap either to play at scale!). 

I just don't see this getting played much, is all. Tiny plans and titans is just going to be easier to set up and get going with the handful of folks I can still muster to game with on the table.  

Regardless, they are still going to be a blast to paint up and a welcome, nostalgic bit of kit to have in the collection.

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season how ever you choose to celebrate it.  

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. That's quite the collection! I agree, for the casual gamer, LI might be a big ask - there are a few archaic rules such as the roll for models partially under templates, that could have been omitted. Still, I look forward to my first game!

  2. Those small miniatures looks amazing. This scale have a very big potential to play. I still playing 10mm Warmaster at home :)
    Coloured Dust