Sunday, December 3, 2023

On the Workbench [December] - Dark Angels Replusor and a Surprise!


Dark Angels Repulsor WIP
Greetings and welcome to another edition of on the workbench.  This month I'm sharing the first tank introduced to my growing Dark Angels Primaris force.  I've been sitting on this Repulsor in the box for quite some time. After painting a couple dreads, bikes, the ATV and a ton of infantry, I felt it was time to reward myself with something bigger.

Dark Angels Repulsor WIP

What a beast.  It took a few sessions of bingeing Netflix for a couple hours each to get it all together, but I'm happy with the time spent. I've said this before here, but I do love the building aspect of the hobby...probably a bit more than the painting truth be told.

Dark Angels Repulsor WIP

A quick trip to the bits box came up with plenty of Dark Angels icons to plaster to the all sides of the tank.  I still have to attach the stowage that comes with the kit, prior to priming for paint.  I chose an odd, yet mechanically fearsome looking head after seeing the cool mini-gun that comes as a turret option.  Since crew are often techmarines, this seemed a fitting and simple change to the kit. This guy looks plenty ready to lay down some covering fire as the squad inside disembarks. I think it's the exposed head from the Primaris Techmarine kit.

Dark Angels Repulsor WIP

There is space for lots of Dark Angels icons in this tank...

Dark Angels Repulsor WIP

And so many guns!  In 10th edition, it doesn't seem to matter what you pick for the defensive weapons (grenade launchers, storm bolters, etc.), so I went with all grenade/rocket launching options. Otherwise this bad boy is set up to move out and break armor, once it deploys it's cargo onto an objective. Maybe an odd choice for a transport, but the rule of cool wins every time. I've also grown tired of magnetizing everything when I hardly play any games.  I end up with lots of fiddly weapon bits laying about to keep track of with no real use for them.

Leviathan Tyranids WIP

And now for the great reveal!  For the first time since 3rd edition, I'm entertaining a new 40k xenos faction.  Anyone who follows the blog knows I have stuck close to imperial forces since the beginning.  The only exception has been specialist games where I may paint a few xenos (Aeronautica Imperialis and Blackstone Fortress come to mind). I had a sizable collection of Tyranids starting w/3rd edition that predate the blog.  Those were given away to a friend during the era of 4th edition and I never looked back...until Leviathan.

It's probably because I've slowly grown weary of painting power armor, but these Leviathan era models have really captured my imagination.  A second motivator is the drive to have a second force to play against my various marine factions when and if I'm able to con any friends into tackling 10th edition.  That is not very likely to happen - tiny titans and airplanes have proven quicker to play and just as satisfying for a pickup game - but I can dream.

So that's what I have on the workbench.  Expect to see the Screamer Killer during Monster March next year, at the very least.  Squaduary may see one of the other broods on the table.  I haven't abandoned my other projects, and I now have Legions Imperialis in the we won't go all buggy at once.  But the bugs will make an appearance through out the rest of the season here and there (and on into the next season, no doubt).

I'm looking forward to trying my hand at painting something more organic.  This force allows me to run a combat patrol game and that may be where it stops.  But there are certainly a few other great new Tyranid kits out there. However, unless some serious gaming comes out of the wood work, I will not add to the force until it is entirely painted and in the done pile. That's my commitment.  No need to pile on a bunch more models I'll never get to. 😂 If you are thinking "Too Late!", you are not wrong.

That's it for now.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!!

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  1. That's one chonky tank! The gunner's head is very grimdark. I don't think I had seen that one before (I'm still more focused on Heresy and the Minimarines).
    It'll be very interesting to see what you do with the Nids! I can confirm, they are a great palette cleanser after a lot of marine armour.