Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Dark Angels Company Heroes WIP - Part 2

Dark Angels Company Heroes WIP

 Greetings, and welcome back.  I'm sharing more progress on my Dark Angels 5th Company Heroes.  They are very close to done, but I keep fiddling with this and that, realizing I missed one small detail or another, etc.. I've had them on the table with the 5th Company Ancient and Lazarus and I must say they present a fine looking command cadre for the 5th company.

Dark Angels Company Veteran WIP

The veteran with stalker bolter got additional transfers on his right knee (recognition that he has achieved the rank of captain), right thigh armor plate (scripture) and backpack. Small details like the scroll work on the bolter and his left shoulder were also painted in.  I need to ink some text on there at some point.

Dark Angels Company Veteran WIP
The various purity seals on the heroes were inked with black text.  I had been using brown to make things seem older, but I found I prefer the contrast using black ink.

Dark Angels Company Champion WIP

The power sword on the Company Champion was completed using the same method I have been using on my Custodes and earlier primaris Dark Angels. This comes from a recipe and method demonstrated by Duncan on YouTube when he used to paint for GW.

Dark Angels Company Champion WIP

The Champion also received veteran honors on his right shoulder pad and another honor on his right thigh armor plate.  These are decorated heroes of the 5th Company and so get more bling than the rank and file of the chapter.

Dark Angels Company Veteran WIP

The heavy bolter veteran got a bit of scripture on his left thigh armor along with a key signifying his role in securing the chapter's secrets.

Dark Angels Company Veteran WIP

I added an honor badge to his right knee as well. The heavy bolter got some love too, with the cables now painted along with highlights and other fun stuff.

Dark Angels Company Veteran WIP

And finally, there was a chapter icon added to his backpack, for good measure. Oh, and the based have been completed with dry brushing and a neat black rim to match the rest of the force.  I typically paint a final layer on all the base rims just prior to sealing with spray varnish. 

So it's down to the wire for these lads.  I expect to finish them up this week.  Not sure what to move on to.  I'm having fun with 40K Dark Angels, but must at some point put some time in on their 30K ancestors, not to mention tiny titans and planes.  There is also a surprise faction to get started on...hmmm...

Oh!  And of course Legions Imperialis is up for pre-order at the end of the week...yikes!  So much to look forward to. I'm planning to get some gaming in over the holidays too, so that will no doubt sway my immediate choices as well.  Time will tell.

Best of luck with your own projects.


Cheers and Happy Gaming!!

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