Thursday, July 22, 2021

Dark Angels Intercessor and Heavy Intercessor WIP - Part 3


Dark Angels Intercessors and Heavy Intercessors WIP

Greetings and welcome back.  The Intercessor project has continued. I managed to get the chest eagles painted and shaded.  Then some gold details and purity seals were painted, followed by some shading with GW Agrax Earthshade.

Dark Angels Heavy Intercessors WIP

Then I started in on the green armor highlights.  I'm pretty slow with edge highlighting, and there is A LOT to do with these Primaris marines.  As a result, I managed only the five Intercessors so far.

Dark Angels Intercessors WIP

So it's back to the five Heavy Intercessors to complete the armor highlights.  Then I'll start highlighting the rest of the details (weapons, leather work, etc.). once I get through that it'll be time for transfers and final cleanup...oh and let's not forget the bases! Still plenty to do, but they are already looking like proper Dark Angels marines now. 

Posts have slowed a bit as there isn't much to show day-to-day when batch painting like this.  I only put in a couple hours a night and there's no need to bore you with one detail at a time.  I'm likely riding the edge of boredom here as it is. 😂 Hopefully there are still enough readers out there that appreciate seeing how another painter works, stage by stage.

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Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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