Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Dark Angels Intercessor and Heavy Intercessor WIP


Dark Angels Intercessor Sergeant WIP

Greetings.  The next project is launched.  I decided to address a need for troops to join my growing force of Primaris Dark Angels.  Rather than batch paint one squad of 10 Intercessors (an easy go-to project), I decided to batch paint a five man squad of Intercessors and the five man squad of Heavy Intercessors I recently assembled.  I mean what could be more fun?  Right?!

Dark Angels Intercessor Squad WIP

I haven't made all that much progress so far, but I didn't want to go too long without sharing some progress. So here we have the five Intercessors.  They have been based using Black Green Pro-Acryl from Monument Hobbies. I painted the leather equipment and the eye lenses on top of this to end the first session of the new project. As a bonus, spot the one Intercessor I shaded with Nuln Oil before recognizing I should wait until more of the base colors are on so I can shade everything that needs Nuln Oil at one time.

Dark Angels Intercessor Squad WIP

The five Heavy Intercessors were painted at the same time and in the same manner.

Dark Angels Heavy Intercessor Squad WIP

Having five different models (OK, not THAT much different) breaks the monotony of painting a full squad of 10 models that are basically the same. And in the end I'll have two squads instead of one complete, which is a nice bonus.  I'll come back and paint another five Intercessors at some point to fill out that squad.  Not sure about the Heavy Intercessors.  Five might be just fine for the games I'm not playing. 😂

Dark Angels Heavy Intercessor Squad WIP

So that's that for session one of the new project.  More progress will happen this week and the two squads should be much more interesting when I share them next. I like the Heavy Intercessor Sergeant with the hand up signalling a halt or cease fire.  It's something we expect a squad leader to do that is rarely modeled.  I really didn't plan to use the new Primaris line to usurp the traditional models from my Dark Angels force.  But they really are just so fun to build and paint. I haven't regretted the project one bit.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers ad Happy Gaming!


  1. I love the "Heavy Intercessors" - I really have no idea on the rules for them, but I just love the concept of very-heavy sci-fi infantry with weapons like that, and they look very cool.