Friday, June 25, 2021

Dark Angels Redemptor Dreanought WIP - Part 2


Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought WIP

Greetings all.  The Redemptor project continues on a piece. I'm almost done blocking in all the base colors so I can begin shading. So far, so good.  I like how this dreadnought is taking shape.

Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought WIP

The model is still in sub assemblies for painting.  I'll be gluing some things into their final positions once the base colors are laid down.  I plan to shade and highlight with the model in its final pose so I don't end up putting highlights on something that is in shadows, etc.  The right arm weapons are magnetized and will be the only bits not glued down in the end.

Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought WIP

I built a custom base with pieces of cork board to give the model a little extra height and presence within the collection.  I use wood glue to fix everything down and a mix of model railroad scale ballast to fill in blank areas on the base and provide additional ground texture.

Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought WIP

I used pencil to trace around the feet when adding texture to the surface of the cork. You want your model to sink into the terrain, not float over it.  The effect lends weight to the model and helps trick the eye a bit, perhaps.

Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought WIP

Here is how the base looks with the dreadnought standing on it.  I decided on some Ork skulls for interest. If I can locate some other Ork stuff in my bin of xenos bits I might add more.

Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought WIP

I'll leave you with a peek at the interior detail so far.  Still a lot to do in there. Over all, the project is going well and should accelerate now that I've stopped building 30K stuff. 😂 I *really* like building models and sometimes I just can't stop myself to make room for painting in my limited hobby time. But it's all hobby right?

So that's that for now.  Check back next week for more on this project.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. I really love seeing bright reds back on Dark Angels models. We kind of lost it as a colour a while ago, go but retro is back in style ;-)

    1. Heh, well I'm from the 2nd Ed lot so it's all bright reds for me. Nice work on your own squad there, btw.