Wednesday, June 23, 2021

First Legion Heavy Support for Horus Heresy

 Horus Heresy Heavy Armor WIP

I've been watching various Forge World kits for 30K going out of stock recently and decided I better settle up with a few of the kits I've been holding off buying. I picked up a Legion Javelin Attack Speeder to support my Scimitar Jetbike squadron and the Land Raider Armored Proteus shown above.  Most of the Sicaran variants are no longer available, so I went to eBay and rescued this Sicaran Venator.

Legion Sicaran Venator WIP

The venator was in great shape, although it bears a traitor's eye.  I had to repair the pintle mounted heavy bolter and the sponson lascanons. But the repairs were minor and the rites of purification have begun.  Once complete, this beauty will be ready to sport First Legion colors and begun once again hunting enemy armor. 

Legion Sicaran Venator WIP

I have a decent amount of foot marines at this point, and some reasonably support in the form of dreadnoughts and skimmers.  What I lack is mobile anti-armor. Problem solved.  Further, I love the main weapon here which fits well with the First Legion's special access to some of the more esoteric weapons of war from Old Night and the early days of the Great Crusade.

Land Raider Armoured Proteus WIP

And the force was always going to have a Land Raider.  This iconic heavy transport is a must for every Space Marin army whether 30K or 40K. This old pattern holds a special place in my heart for the early days of 40K.  I put my original plastic version on eBay some time ago, but it was fun to get it back updated in resin.  I chose the armored pattern since the sponsons would be less fragile, and I'd most likely play it with extra armor add-ons in a game anyway.

Land Raider Armoured Proteus WIP

These additions make the force generally playable now, even without the skimmers assembled.  I have a rhino and an anti-infantry predator. So I can move some troops around, foot slog the rest, and generally lay down some decent fire on other heavy targets.  Of course, this is all in my head since I have only one friend with a 30K army, little time for games in any case, and we're still not ready to join folks indoors for games besides. Maybe once I get my wee ones vaccinated.

Regardless, the hobby sirens call and I must obey.  Building and painting is really why I'm into all this anyway.  Games are just a great perk for me at this point, when they occur. 😂

Now, it's past time to put these distractions aside so I can return to painting the 40K Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought.  Expect to see more of that by the end of the week. So many fun things to hobby on!  This heavy armor will appear back on the blog before long, though, you can be sure of it.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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  1. I've been doing similar things, noting the fading of Forge World's product line, it was time to stock up the 30k hobby horde!