Monday, December 7, 2020

On the Workbench [Nov/Dec]


First Legion Dark Angels Tactical Marines WIP

Today, I'm sharing the few things I've built recently.  I missed posting the five additional Mark III armored tactical marines I built to bulk out my squad of Terrans. At some I'll add five more Mark IV marines to my Caliban tactical squad as well.

First Legion Dark Angels Mark III Tactical Marines WIP

Nothing special here. I built these stock, except for the Forge World mark III shoulder pads. The bases were painted with wood glue and dunked in the tub of mixed size model railroad ballast/rocks.  This armor mark is definitely a favorite of mine.

Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighters for Aeronautica Imperialis WIP

So that was November.  This month, I took a break from painting Indomitus Dark Angels to build a set of Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighters for Aeronautica Imperialis. I've been remiss and documenting most of the Aeronautica model assembly, I think.

Imperial Navy Avenger Strike Fighters for Aeronautica Imperialis WIP

I haven't played a game so far, but boy do I have a lot of tiny planes. 😂 I hope to involve a couple friends in the game post-Covid - assuming we ever get back to a point of hanging in-person. Maybe something socially distanced once the warmer weather comes back next year.

In the mean time, I have PLENTY to paint.  The game looks to be a lot of fun and I like the smallish skirmish style.  I'm treating games like this, Titanicus and Blackstone Fortress as board games that I hope to invite friends along and play.  It's hard to get folks to invest in the games otherwise. But I can piddle away at collecting and painting them up.

Dark Angels Indomitus Marines WIP

Anyway, back to Indomitus Dark Angels later in the week. I've begun painting the characters and Bladeguard veterans as members of the Deathwing. So more on that later.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!