Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Dark Angels Indomitus Deathwing Veteran Bladeguard - TO DONE


Dark Angels Deathwing Veteran Bladeguard

Greetings.  It's time to put these Indomitus Bladeguard in the DONE pile.  I could keep picking away at them with additional highlights and what-not, but it's time to move one to the remaining five characters from the set.  Here's four units from the box done and to a good standard, which feels great.

I'll close with additional closeups from the photo shoot.   I could not keep the iPhone from yellowing the shots so I did some editing to get them back to what they look like in person.  I normally don't see this problem, but I assume the white/bone armor is tripping out the light sensor. If some aspects of the photos seem a bit too bluish, it's my ham-handed photo editing. 😂

Next up, I'll be completing these five characters.  Then it'll be time for a break from 40K Dark Angels.

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

First up is the squad Sergeant, looking like he's ready to take a charge.

Then the next Veteran Bladeguard. The ornamental tilting shields are great fun to put some creativity into.

And the third and final dude; Sir Dude, that is...


  1. These look great. I'm umming and aahing over getting Indomitus. It seems to be reasonably available at the moment. I'll ultimately want the 9th edition rules, with the current choice getting the book for £35 or a softback version for around £15 on ebay.

    I've found Indomitus for £100 and I wouldn't need the Necron half [which sells for £50] so I could get the rulebook and all the Primaris for £50 [effectively the Marines costing my £15!]. I'm struggling to not see the cost/benefits to it.

    But, I don't really collect Primaris, I've plenty of other things to paint instead and I'd rather get those done that have another bucket of raw plastic still to paint. Especially when I have some additional raw plastic I want to buy - Helverins, Halfling Blood Bowl team etc. But who doesn't want a load of new figures for Christmas.

    Decisions, decisions!

    1. Th dilemma is real! I admit to only going all in on Indomitus because I have a friend with Necrons and it made for a fun fall pandemic challenge to split the box and paint up the forces with the hope of playing once we ca be in person again. That looks to be a lot farther out than when I first made the purchase though.

      Whatever the choice, there is plenty of grey plastic out there to pass the time with...