Thursday, June 25, 2020

WIP: Blackstone Fortress Hostiles - Part 6

Blackstone Fortress Rogue Psyker WIP

Hello, and welcome to Rogue Psyker week.  After finishing off the Chaos Space Marines I'm plowing forward with these last two models form the original nine I had picked out of the pile of Blackstone Fortress hostiles.  I have been looking forward to getting paint on them and so far I'm not at all disappointed.

Blackstone Fortress Rogue Psykers WIP

I'm mostly following the GW art, though using my own color choices which are primarily Vallejo paints.  At some point I need to put up the various recipes for the different Blackstone Fortress models.  I have been capturing them on paper.

Blackstone Fortress Rogue Psyker WIP

Not much to say here.  Basic techniques of shading and dry brushing have been used so far.  I'll start on the brush highlights soon.  I've been correcting dry brush dusting of adjacent areas as I wasn't' as careful as I could have been. I played around quite a bit with the tentacle, which I honestly didn't know existed until I was painting the arm and realized what was going on there.  I practiced some wet blending and toyed with layers of dry brush and shading.

Blackstone Fortress Rogue Psyker WIP

Lots of interesting light and dark areas on these guys.

Blackstone Fortress Rogue Psyker WIP

I'm still working on the faces. I like the pale possibly conjuring blues high lighted above the more ruddy natural tones of the skin when not conjuring. Right now they are too red in the mouth, but that's a work in progress.  As I bring in highlights things should get more subtle and fade in better.

Blackstone Fortress Rogue Psyker WIP

All in, I'm very happy with the progress.  I expect to call these two done in time to start on the next challenge in July. With these two complete I'll just have the 12 cultists left from the original boxed set hostiles.  Then I better get on with the heroes.  If I manage it, this will be the first boxed set where I have actually painted all the models...and I've picked up A LOT of boxed sets form GW over the years...Oh...wait...I guess I did paint all the Titans from the Grand Masters edition of Titanicus!  So Blackstone Fortress will be the second painted boxed 30 years....not bad!

Stay safe out there.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Nice work mate, they look creepy as! I have all but ditched dry-brushing as a technique, unless it is on the sharpest of edges.

    1. Thanks! I don't use dry-brushing near as much as I used to either. I still like it for fur, chain mail and other rough textures. I would have done well to use a smaller brush, but it all worked out.