Tuesday, February 18, 2020

On the Workbench [February] - Blackstone Fortress Escalation Models

Blackstone Fortress Models WIP

Blackstone Fortress sure comes with a lot of models, if you buy all of the expansions!  Above is a quick snap of all of the unpainted models I have for the game so far.  Missing are twelve models currently being painted as part of the Squaduary 2020 challenge.

On the work bench this month are models from the Blackstone Fortress Escalation expansion.  This expansion appears to be gone from the range as it no longer appears on the GW website.  Not sure why that is.  With the new expansion "No Respite" soon to be released, I figured I should get the Escalation models built so I wouldn't fall too far behind.

Blackstone Fortress Escalation Heroes WIP

First up are the new heroes.  I re-based the models on Necromunda bases to avoid the hassle of moving them later; a lesson I learned recently trying to move painted hostiles during the Squaduary 2020 project. As with the original Blackkstone Fortress characters, these models are push-fit and very well detailed - amazing in fact.

Blackstone Fortress Escalation Hostiles WIP

For hostiles, the Escalation expansion offers new Chaos Cultists. Above are the Cult Champion and Cultist Firebrand models.  Below are the rank-and-file cultists.  All have been mounted on Necromunda bases to match the rest of my Blackstone Fortress collection. Lots of detail and individual character to this lot.

Blackstone Fortress Escalation Hostiles WIP

With most of my hobby time spent on Squaduary 2020 this month, there wasn't a lot of time for new builds.  This project was the perfect match both in terms of size/time and topic since I'm painting Blackstone Fortress hostiles as well this month.

Stop back for my next post to see where I got to during Squaduary 2020. I have twelve hostiles painted and locked in a base paint scheme for the collection.  For now, that's all I have from the work bench.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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