Thursday, December 19, 2019

WIP: Horus Heresy Dark Angels Characters - Part 3

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Praetor WIP

Today I share progress on the Legion Praetor.  With the holidays fast approaching, many other family activities have borrowed much of my evening hobby time.  So I set to working on this Praetor with the time I had available.  I started by moving the progress on the left side and shield to a point that would allow me to finally attach the shield permanently.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Praetor WIP

Enough detail has been painted in to allow the shield to be attached without spoiling the paint job.  Sharp highlights and other finishing touches will not matter so much to the areas that the shield covers up in darkness.  Where light does fall with the shield in place, highlights will be painted in carefully. To that end, the rope belt has been painted and shaded, rivets/bolts, trim painted, etc.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Praetor Shield WIP - back

The straps are painted at the backside of the shield.  I'll highlight the armor in one go after the shield is attached to be sure the highlights are true(ish) to the light that reaches various surfaces.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Praetor Shield WIP - front

I had fun with the front of the shield.  Those following this blog will know that I resist painted checkers to a fault - generally making custom decals to get around it where ever possible.  This time, I decided to go freehand and be damned. The results, so far, are not terrible, but generally show why I avoid hand painting checkers. :)  I kind of like the result though and will use this as part of the model's story - where he no doubt painted his own heraldry. I'll do some clean up here and there, but otherwise this is likely how things will wrap up for the shield, minus more highlights.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Praetor WIP

And so this character progresses.  The shield has now been attached with 5-minute two-part epoxy.  The rest of the model can now be completed as one piece - well, all expect for the backpack that needs to be re-attached.  I will put some time into the back and cloak so that can happen next. This is so far my favorite of the character models I have assembled.

I'll hopefully use some holiday downtime to make more progress on the other characters too.  While I started batch painting them, the need to focus on various details causes me to break out and do them one-at-a-time now.  I'll probably continue to batch paint the command squad, but otherwise treat the individual characters separately.

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Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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