Thursday, January 31, 2019

WIP: Heresy Era Dark Angels Tactical Squad in Mark IV Plate - part 3

1st Legion Dark Angels Calibanite Tactical Squad WIP

I toiled and toiled, but was not able to complete this squad by the end of the month.  And now they must be set aside as I take up the Squaduary 2019 challenge.  I may try to sneak in a session to complete them if the challenge projects go well, otherwise I'll complete the squad when Squaduary is done.

Much progress was made all the same and I'm pretty pleased that I almost completed 20 marines in a month.  If I hadn't gone away for five days in the middle there, I certainly would have pulled these guys in. I should point out that I'm doing this as a husband and (old) father of two little ones with a full time job. Finding hobby time is no big thing, finding sufficient time to paint large numbers of models in a short amount of time is an art.

First up, I neatened around the squad tactical markings and then shaded every thing with Nuln Oil or Agrax Earthshade according to the recipe. The checkers vex me.  They've come out well enough, but my inkjet is letting me down.  I need to be able to print crisp patterns where the ink doesn't dry and crack, spoiling the result.  Going back and touching up the checks is ending up looking like I hand painted them in the first place.  Exactly what I was trying to avoid by making decals.  I'm going to up my decal game as this First Legion project continues.

1st Legion Dark Angels Calibanite Tactical Squad WIP - squad icons

Some drying shade on the base above, but more on that later.  Once I had shaded the models, I managed to highlight the Legion icon on the left shoulder using GW Wildrider Red.

1st Legion Dark Angels Calibanite Tactical Squad WIP

I also put some initial effort into the squad vexilla. Each squad will have something unique on the left side and the legion number on the right.  I guess this is arse-backwards from the shoulders...maybe I should have thought that through more. :) Anyway, I'm likely the only one to care.

1st Legion Dark Angels Calibanite Tactical Squad WIP - vexilla

A 1st legion roman numeral decal will be added on the right at some point. Green banners were chosen to recognize Caliban, same as the right shoulders. Next, I highlighted the brown leather on pouches and holsters. Following my recipe, it's two highlights following the shading with Agrax Earthshade.  It's a simple GW recipe, but I find it fun and easy to paint as well as being effective.

1st Legion Dark Angels Calibanite Tactical Squad WIP - legion icon

I painted in the eye lenses with GW Mephiston Red highlighted with Wildrider Red.  And as you can see above, More drying shade.  After finishing some of the details, I decided I needed to at least help the models appear further along by completing the bases. So, I got to work with a base coat of Vallejo Khaki Brown.

1st Legion Dark Angels Calibanite Tactical Squad WIP

Then a shade of Agrax Earthshade. The brown bases are helping the models stand out and be more distinct, particularly when they aren't viewed on a black hobby mat. ;)

1st Legion Dark Angels Calibanite Tactical Squad WIP

And that's where I left the squad after some minor cleanup around the rim of the bases among other odd bits, like the combat blade hilts.  The title pic at the top of this post shows the squad once the shade on the bases had dried.  When I get another session with these guys, I'll highlight the bases and the black armor and weapons. I also need to paint the Sergeant's head and highlight his sword.  It's really close.  Probably two more sessions, only because my highlighting of the armor seems to take me FOREVER.

For those enjoying my rendition of the 1st Legion's space marines, stay tuned for more as I kick off Squaduary 2019, with one squad of five tactical support marines and one squad of six heavy support marines. And (the paint gods willing), you might even see a post sneak in to put paid to these tactical marines.  It's going to be a busy month.

January certainly was.  Here's how my January challenge wrapped up. At some point I'll put together some better framed army shots of what's been completed.

First Legion Dark Angels Tactical Squad for Horus Heresy - Terrans
Completed 10 Marines in Mark III Plate

First Legion Dark Angels Tactical Squad for Horus Heresy - Calibanites WIP
Came within Spitting Distance of Completing 10 More in Mark IV Plate
That's all for now.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Great job, keep going! Another Squad for Squaduary next Month (starts tomorrow over at Stepping Between Games again)

  2. They came out really well in the end, sure you knock some more out over the event.