Friday, April 13, 2018

WIP: Custodes Shield-Captain w/Ax - Part 3

Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain WIP

He's on a base!  But before this could happen, the base needed some work. The first step was to drill a hole for the pin from the left foot. The I put down some Vallejo Black Lava on the flat top of the base.  Before this dried, I pulled the model form the cork and pressed it down into place on the base.  The result was two fine foot prints in the lava as shown below.

Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain WIP Custom Base

Now I know where to glue the model down later, and the weight of his armor seems to settle into the ground a bit, selling the effect of the top layer of loose sand/gravel/dirt. Next a coat of brown and a dry brush of P3 Menoth White.

Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain WIP Custom Base

I didn't take a picture of the next step, but the skull got some P3 Menoth White as well and the whole thing was shaded with GW Agrax Earthshade. Once this dried, the model was glued down. he looks seriously imposing on his earthen pedestal.  I'm psyched!

Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain WIP

I used P3 Menoth White Highlight to highlight the skull.  GW Seraphim Sepia was used to shade just the teeth for fun. I used a little more GW Agrax Earthshade around the skull where it meets the ground, and inside the mouth and eye sockets.

Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain WIP Robes

The I set about the last two layers of highlights on the gold armor, according to my recipe (see the tab above). Vallejo Old Gold first, then Vallejo Silver. The silver was also used on the knife blade and other gold details.

Adeptus Custodes Shield Captain WIP

A bit more of the blue for the gems was dabbed here and there where I missed a gem or wanted to brighten the blue a bit. Final work will be to complete the Ax (rope/braid and highlights) and finally tackle the rest of the head.  Some new metal work can be seen around the neck above. Just some Vallejo steel with a shade of Nuln Oil for now. I'd like to do more there, plush shade she skin some more and tackle the eyes.  I decided I don't like the pale grey orbs I was doing.  I'm going to toughen up and go back to trying proper iris's again.

But that's it for now.  One more session on this guy, hopefully, then it's one or two more sessions on the Grey Knight Brotherhood Champion.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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