Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Taking a Break...Happy Holidays!!

I'm stepping away from the blog for a few weeks while I focus on the family and our holiday celebrations.  Over the break I'll be checking out the Dark Angels codex and considering my next projects.  Deathwatch and Grey Knights still await of course, and I'm looking forward to mixing in some Dark Angels projects in the New Year as well.  I see a decent amount of interest in the Sector Mechanicus terrain projects I posted earlier this year, So I expect I'll need to get some of that painted up as well.  Plenty of fun projects await! I am looking at how to put in more how-to content for 2018 so I'm not just showing of my work. I read so much good content out there on other blogs and its time I did my best to contribute as well.

As I close out 2017, here's a look at what I was able to accomplish.  It all got started with Squaduary 2017 when I was able to complete a squad of Deathwatch marines.

Squaduary 2017 project

The I built and painted some scatter terrain and a couple sets of the Munitorum containers.

Munitorum Armored Containers Blue

Munitorum Armored Containers Red

Munitorum Armored Containers Yellow

The Custodes I recently completed got built in the spring of this year, and the sector Mechanicus terrain came out.

Sector Mechanicus Terrain WIP
The spread of new Sector Mechanicus themed terrain on the table-top

I dabbled in Shadow Wars: Armageddon, building Orc, Space Marine, Astra Militarum and Harlequin war bands.  I even dabbled in painting Orks again.

Death Skullz Ork
"I'm a hankerin' fer yer loot!"

Death Skullz Ork WIP

And I tried out a Tempestus Scions paint scheme for my Imperial Guard war band.  I'll get these finished up one day, but they were put aside for now.  I don't get nearly enough time to play and Necromunda now looks like a more compelling rule set...and I was eager to use what little game play opportunities I had for 8th edition 40K.

29th Zetic Tigers WIP
WIP: 29th Zetic Tigers

I posted an article about my efforts adding extra shelves to my Ikea display cases. This was a great project as it doubled my display capacity without requiring any more square footage from my already cramped hobby cave.

Same ol' cabinet, twice the shelf space!

There was a good deal of modelling Deathwatch marines and the adding Grey Knight characters from the new codex.  And the Deathwatch Watch Master got painted.

Deathwatch Grand Master
Deathwatch Watch Master

Then it was time for Dreadtober and a fully painted Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight!  This was such a fun project...modest in the customization, but ambitious (for me) int he painting!

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight
Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight Armor

Grey Knight Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight

Hot on the heels of this character, I decided to paint up my Grey Knight Librarian.

Grey Knight Librarian
"Purge the Deamons!"

And I finished with my Custodes assembled earlier in the spring...

Custodian Guard
Custodian Guard

That's fourteen completed models and a handful of completed terrain (scatter pieces and containers) plus a large number of general assemblies for Deathwatch, Grey Knights, Shadow Wars: Armageddon and Sector Mechanicus Terrain. Quite a haul for one year by my previous standards.  I hope to outdo this for 2018 and keep the hobby momentum rolling forward.

I will leave you with my Best wishes for the holidays and a very Happy New Year!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Some nice achievements this year, love how muted the Deathwatch are, I think you;ve captured their look really well. Mine are far too 'bling', too many colours, they're like Blackpool Illuminations!

    1. Dave, thank you for the compliment! I generally paint, and prefer, a muted style for fighting units. I am glad to read that it came across well for you with the Deathwatch. In an age of miniature painting where emphasis often seems to fall on bright colors and sharp highlights I have often doubted my approach and the impact of my work.