Friday, November 10, 2017

WIP: Brother Librarian Comus Epinus to DONE!

Grey Knights Librarian Comus Epinus

I've reached a point where I'm going to call this fella done for I can get on with the next project in the queue.  I have enjoyed painting this character.  He's already played two games and I've named him Brother Librarian Comus Epinus. Looking at the pictures again as I write this post, I think I'll hit up the hoses with another effect.  They seem to be a part I missed now, being left steel with a Nuln Oil wash. I don't prefer some of the more garish paint jobs GW has done with red hoses, but still, some contrast on these hoses could add some interest.  Please share any thoughts in the comments if it strikes you to do so.

I have pictures from the handful of sessions I spent on this model.  However I don't see anything that is really helpful in terms of illustrating my process nor anything the contributes much to the overall knowledge of the hobby.  The finishes and base work are more or less identical to what I have discussed while working on the Grand Master for DreadTober. 

I guess a chief difference is that I did finish the armor here is an overall wash of blue using an approximately  50:50 mix of Lahmian Medium and Drakenhof Nightshade.  I did not do this on the Grandmaster - though I think I will likely go back and add this to the terminator armor on that model.  I wanted the nemesis dreadknight suit to stand out as different to the personal armor.

Here's an all around look at the completed Librarian.

Grey Knights Librarian Left Side

Grey Knights Librarian Back

Grey Knights Librarian Right Side

Grey Knights Librarian Front

Brother Comus will act as my warlord in small games where the cost of the Grand Master in Nemesis Dreadknight is a bit cost prohibitive. At 50 power level, for instance, the Librarian fits in well with a cheap Brotherhood Champion to unlock a Battalion formation for the command points.

I chose to take a middle of the road approach with the books, using a faded illusory text in brown rather than trying to detail true works of textual brilliance.  I feel it reads well to the eye on the table and saved me pulling out what hair I have left trying to get it right.  It really only bothers me here with the large blow up pictures we few models really shine anyway and all mistakes are painfully revealed.

I'm excited to call this one done and move on to something else form the list.  I want to keep the Grey Knight momentum going, but I have left many things languishing, such as the Deathwatch Captain with Jump small batch of Custodes, etc.  So we'll see what cmes next...I'm actually thinking of finally completing my DKoK Baneblade, of all things.  It has sat in a sort of middle stage of done for a couple years now.

But that's material for a future post.  This one gets the DONE stamp and enters the annals of history.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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