Monday, February 27, 2017

Squaduary 2017 Final Post Teaser

Squaduary 2017
Image Credit goes to Stepping Between Games

Well, this is it, 02/27, The Squaduary 2017 challenge will come to and end tomorrow.  Time runs short. I expect I'll be working tomorrow night, right up to the last on this project. Having completed a first pass on the chapter iconography for the right shoulder pads and a base coat of dirt on the bases, I thought I;d post up a teaser in advance of my final post which will most likely come shortly after the deadline for the challenge expires.

Squaduary 2017 Week 4 status
Week four progress, the finish line in sight!

The storm shield is off once again as the base gets some attention.  I'm planning a neutral blasted/barren earth look for this force. The models themselves carry so much interest and detail that I want to avoid over doing things with crazy bases.

I've very pleased with how this is turning out.  I got lost in the final details; there are so many elements to track and my many short sessions left me unable to fully complete various areas in one pass - now I'm struggling not to forget what areas have final highlights and what don't, etc..  Regardless, the squad looks fine and I suspect I am my own worse critic with unnecessary self-doubt at this point.

Until the end...looking forward to completing the squad!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Looks ace chief, glad you got them finished.

  2. Thanks! I keep stumbling over details I forgot about under all the belt pouches across the back under the backpacks, details on the backpack of the Imperial Fists marine, etc.. Great models, but I need to get better organized when I take on the next batch of Deathwatch.

    I like how they've come along though, thanks again for making the time to look them over. I hope to put up a final post with better photo quality shots and close ups.