Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It is time for Squaduary 2017!

Main logo for Squaduary
Image Credit goes to Stepping Between Games

Similar to Dreadtober, Squaduary is a challenge to complete a hobby project within a single month, in this case February. The Squaduary challenge is to paint a complete squad.  Having worked on a Dreadnought and Drop pod for the Deathwatch Space Marines most recently,  I decided this was a perfect opportunity to continue the momentum there and complete a veteran squad to ride down in the drop pod!  To that end, I chose four veterans with frag cannons and a Blackshield to act as a bullet magnet while the boys lay down the righteous fire of the Emperor of Mankind.

Squaduary 2017

As shown above, the squad had been assembled and primed prior to the kickoff of the challenge.  This will work to my favor due to a business trip that will take me away form painting for all for week three. I'll jump right in to painting so I won't be very far behind when I get back to it on week four to wrap things up.

I'm aiming for a pretty straight up standard paint job on these veterans.  As I go, I'll try to keep a paint recipe going to aid me on future projects. While I use a lot of GW technical paints and shades, I tend more towards Vallejo and The Army Painter colors these days; along with Secret Weapon Washes. So that will become apparent as I disclose the colors and techniques I choose for this project. I'm psyched to get started!

Come back to see more as the month moves on.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Nice! Looking forward to your work on them

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the progess on your squad.

  3. So...much...edge...highlighting...