Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What's on the hobby desk today?


Wanted to drop a quick post this week with a collection of on-going projects I have on my desk.  First up is the Imperial Knight Paladin with all of its parts based flat black...

 Next up are the assembled and primed models from the Execution Force boxed game.  The assassins will be welcomed into my overall Imperial force.  Not sure what will happen with the Chaos forces, other than to collect dust waiting for a game of Execution Force to happen. The Lord model is pretty awesome though and will be a fun painting challenge. Expect some follow up posts this year as I move to painting some or all of these models.

Execution Force WIP

Next up is the 30th Anniversary Space Marine.  I've been in the game since second edition and really enjoyed the release of this model, and the Codex Apocrypha that returns a wealth of prior material to print.

Dark Angels 30th Anniversary Space Marine WIP

In hindsight, I should have built this as a Mentor Legion marine for flavor and use with my Imperial forces.  I chose instead to build him as a Dark Angel marine to fit with my existing Dark Angels.  The original backpack and shoulder pads are replaced here with corresponding Dark Angels pieces from the bits box. Next up, this model will get a primer coat of green. He'll probably get mounted on a custom base as well, so expect another post on this little guy soon. Not sure if I want to deviate too far form the rest of my Dark Angels which use a very plain gravel base.

Also in the pipeline is a build of the city fight terrain included in the Imperial Knights: Renegade box set. This will either be used to make one new building, or possibly two smaller pieces for variety to round out that terrain set. I have a lot of left over walls, doors and debris, but no floor sections.  I will have to see what I can build with these added sprues.

That's it for now; a good amount of open project work and plenty more on the shelf if I hit a wall on completing these pieces.  I also have two contemptor dreadnoughts and a predator built and based for my 30k Dark Angels 1st legion collection.  So they could get some paint at any point now that I've played a little with the color scheme.

Good luck with your own projects and as always, 

Happy Gaming!

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