Monday, May 2, 2016

Freeblade Imperial Knight Paladin


Today I'm sharing a couple work-in-progress shots of my second knight titan. Like my previous Imperial Knight Errant, this will also be a free blade knight.  I haven't decided on a final name or back story but this knight will not follow in the inquisitorial footsteps of the Errant.

I like posing Imperial Knights on custom bases.  They are great fun to build and allow for a lot of creativity and imagination to flow freely.  For this knight, I imagined a city ruin base to go along with my latest terrain project. The base include some Death Korps of Kreig infantry bits, including a trooper's arm pinned under the rubble, still clutching a lasrifle. A section of ribbed hose made from green stuff and a resin skull round out some random elements of interest.

Here was an opportunity to  use some of the off-cuts from the the city fight terrain buildings.  A few choice pieces were sprinkled about here, with the main pieces serving to raise the left advancing leg of the knight to set his pose at a slight angle, rather than repeating the flat stable pose of the prior Knight Errant. I was not interested in cutting the legs on this knight to make the pose more dynamic.  I have three more to build over time so perhaps I'll try a custom leg pose in the future.

Freeblade Imperial Knight Paladin

For the pose, I went with a menacing firing stance with the Knight clearly sighting a target for a lethal battle cannon barrage. This stance will clearly show the Knight Paladin int he role of fire support, where the upraised chain sword of the Knight Errant I built presents an aggressive close assault stance. I will admit that he doesn't look all that imposing stripped of most of the armor plating.  This has been left off to allow for easier airbrushing of the components and clear painting of the knight's skeleton which would otherwise be hidden.  The carapace armor is not glued on and is simply dry fit for these photos.

Freeblade Imperial Knight Paladin on Custom Base

Here is the knight positioned on the base. The right foot is firmly placed in the rubble, crushing a pipe under the knight's obvious bulk, the left foot crashing into the crumbled permacrete of the ruins. The parts have all been based, and an Icarus pattern twin-linked autocannon added as a carapace weapon.  All carapace weapons for my knights will be magnetized to allow for easy customization for future games.

Up next will be a post of the in-progress painting for this guy.  Not sure where I'm going there yet, but the current plan is for green armor with Ivory accents. I've been using the Freeblade iOS game to play with the paint scheme - to the extent that the game allows for custom painting.  It's a great way to test some color schemes and see what they would look like on a knight!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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