Sunday, February 4, 2024

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP
Greetings and welcome back.  The Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor continues toward done...slowly.  I've managed the transfers and completed the base.  More highlights have been applied and some additional details.  Let's have a look!

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP

This Repulsor serves with the 5th Company and is honored to be the first vehicle in its squadron. I finally found something broad enough to use the 'Vengeance' scroll transfer on. 😂

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP

As the lead Repulsor, this machine is honored to transport Company leadership and elites. I imagine that is why it has the flashy doors. As a hobbyist, I honestly am just trying to use the cool transfers.

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP

It's important to know which transport one is boarding, so the 5th company makes this clear here.

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP

So, with the transfers in place and covered over with some Lahmian Medium, I looked to other details.

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIPDark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP

I decided to play about a bit with all of the view ports on this tank, partly as a means to add a spot color other than red/green/black/metal.  I hope ot have captured a reasonable window/lens effect here.

Dark Angels Primaris Repulsor WIP

I wanted the base complete so I could stop having the tank roll about on the desk.  It's an interesting mount in that you can connect/disconnect the vehicle easily and it's still fairly secure. I like how you can rotate the base to change the angle of the vehicle some.

I'm having a great time with this project, but boy am I taking my sweet time with it.  I can't really explain that except that it's tough feeling a sense of urgency when I know I won't be going with this piece any time soon. I really need to get on with buildings for AT so I will either pull this one in or leave for some time. I really don't like allowing myself room to give up on a project in progress - it gets too easy then to give up on all of them.

Regardless, I'll have progress on *something* to show for my next post.  I am full of hobby inspiration!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. It's such a good feeling to find a place for the bigger transfers! I have the same problem with my Blood Angels - I'll have to build and paint my Spartan to finally use some of them.
    The Repulsor is really coming together! But I do feel you – often I find that last little push to be the hardest. It would take maby two or three evenings of concentrated work but I find myself distracted by the next shiny thing...

    1. The struggle is real. Burt progress is made.