Friday, March 24, 2023

#MonsterMarch7 - Week 3

Horus Heresy Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Primarch WIP

 It's the little things...Greetings and welcome back!  This post completes week three of #MonsterMarch7 for me.  I say the little things, because it may not seem like I did much work of the past week compared to what I shared for week two progress. In truth, much work has been done to the display base.

Horus Heresy Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Primarch WIP

The base is almost entirely done...if such a piece is ever truly done.  I could go on enhancing things for an age it seems.  There's is quite a bit going on.  During the week I highlighted all of the blue armor as well as the red icons. The last marine standing had his pistol finally painted and a host of other bits were addressed all over the base. Oh, and of course the bare head of the fallen marine at The Lion's feet.

Horus Heresy Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Primarch WIP

There is A LOT of flayed flesh which was also painted through the final layers from highlights to shading, to additional highlights, to pin washes on the sewn bits. I chose a darker, "fresher" look, I guess.  Not sure if I'll lighten it up more before I'm done.  Some days I like it as is, others I don't.  Isn't that the way sometimes?

I'll spend the final week completing The Lion.  I sorta got too involved in the base, but I am really enjoying the results so it seems worth it. The Lion needs highlights and some other bits and bobs, but thankfully he's pretty far along.  I shouldn't have too much stress trying to finish at this point.  Oh - I am not so sure I'll get to the bare head...we'll see if I can leave a session or two towards the end of the week for that.

For now, here's a quick post (I almost forgot to post entirely this week!), and I'll get back to the brushes.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. When the base is so detailed it is hard not to get all caught up in painting it! Such an intimidating project; you are doing great work.

    1. Thanks! I built the Arbites Kill team from Souldshackle just to take a break over the weekend. :) Thanks!