Thursday, March 2, 2023

#MonsterMarch7 - the pledge


Horus Heresy Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Primarch WIP

Welcome to March....which means #MonsterMarch7! This year I will paint a monster from the Horus Heresy which took place 10,000 before the events of Warhammer 40,000.

Horus Heresy Lion El'Jonson Dark Angels Primarch WIP

Lion El'Jonson was the primarch of the First Legion, the Emperor's Dark Angels. After the events on Terra that cast the primarchs into the warp and scattered them across the galaxy, the Lion was found on the planet Caliban and given the First legion to command.

The Forge World model is simply loaded with details and will make a truly ambition project for MonsterMarch. The Lion can be removed from the display base for gaming purposes. So this is going to be like two painting projects in one.  It is difficult to make out all the details in the picture above, but the Lion stands over many fallen Night Lord space marines, with one about to shoot him with a volkite charger.

So if you are interested in following the fun, check back periodically throughout the month of March to see the progress. For more on MonsterMarch, do check out Path of an Outcast where there will be posts showcasing the work of all participants.  It should be a great month of hobby!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. Yes! Having recently painted my Legion's Primarch, I am very much in favor of this project! Can't wait to see, what you do with the Lion!

    1. Thanks, I'm nervous like going to my first prom, but also very much looking forward to it.