Thursday, November 17, 2022

Pre-Heresy Dark Angels Legion Predator Squadron - TO DONE


Greetings and welcome back!  Last week I declared that I'd be back to two posts/week...but then this week I didn't really have enough interesting bits to show to cover two posts.  But I DID finish the two Predators I started in September, so that's not nothing.

I'm a hobbyist who likes options, so I have three turrets so far for two tanks.  And there may be more if any interesting ones turn up on eBay when I'm watching.  These are Forge World resin versions and not the new plastic kit, so sourcing the older resin turrets has become a bit of a problem.  Oh, I almost forgot the big seal 'o DONE!

I don't have great passion for painting tanks, but I think these two turned out well.  I did make a decision to skip weathering, as I do on most of my gaming miniatures.  It's just a personal preference.  I mean, I'll put a little rust on things that should obviously be rusty, but I choose not to spend a lot of time on dirt, mud, paint chipping, etc.  Those effects look very cool when applied well and I love to see it on the work of other painters.  I just don't have a passion for doing it myself on gaming pieces.  

So that's what I've been up to this month, aside from building more cool stuff, as I showed off last week.  Shown above, I also added Corswain to my Dark Angels 30K collection. It's a very cool, very detailed model. Should be a blast to paint one day.  The inside of the cape is fully detailed, so I've just stuck it on under its own friction for the picture here.  It'll get glued on once I paint the model.

With the US Thanksgiving holiday next week, I will probably only post once, again, early in the week.  For a new project, I think I'll do something in my Aeronautica Imperialis collection.  Maybe the 2nd boxed set released (Tau and Imperial Army), but possibly the Necrons or some Aldari.  I dunno.  I have quite a lot to choose from there so I just need to look it all over again and see where inspiration points.  I have a friend looking to play over the XMas holidays so that's the impetus to add some more painted planes to the collection next month.   

If you're interested, please keep reading after the break to see more of the predators I just finished.  otherwise, I'll catch you next time you visit.

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

Same tank, different turret. This was how the tank was originally going to look before I came by the plasma turret.

The Conversion Beamer may not be the best choice for a game, but boy does it fit the rule of cool!!  It's also great for the flavor and fluff of the First Legion, who have unique access to the Emperor's finest and oldest weapons.

I chose gold for the legion icons to call this tank out as the squadron leader, similar to a squad sergeant.


  1. Very cool! I like how you set apart the squadron leader - might have to store that idea away in my brain for a later date...

    1. Thanks! Hopefully it'll stand out more when I get the third and final predator in the squadron painted at some point.