Thursday, April 14, 2022

On the Workbench [April] - a Warmaster Titan for Adeptus Titanicus


Warmaster Titan WIP for Adpetus Titanicus

This month, I've decided to take on the mighty Warmaster Titan for Adeptus Titanicus.  This project follows nipping at the heels of #MonsterMarch6 where I endeavored to complete two Legio Tempestus titans.  More on that below, as I have not forsaken that project by any means!  On the contrary, I have poured more fuel on the fire of my imagination for all things tiny and titanic.

Warmaster Titan WIP for Adpetus Titanicus

The legs were a build project unto themselves.  At the waist joint they are as tall as a Warlord titan's head.  I have left the armor off for painting as I normally do, and settled for the stock pose.  There is enough to do here that I don't feel the need to work out a custom pose.  My maniples are made up of mostly stationary or slowly striding titans in any case so he'll fit right in.

Warmaster Titan WIP for Adpetus Titanicus

I spent another session building the torso.  More armor is left off, of course, and I have not yet started in on the arms and shoulder weapons.  For the shoulder weapons, I am trying out magnets and will have more in a follow up post on that, once they arrive.  I'm looking at using rectangular magnets, due to the shape of the space allotted them, so I don't know how that will turn out yet.  Regardless, the arms will no doubt be a session each as I work in the magnets that will allow for future (please, GW?) weapon swaps.

Legio Tempestus Titans WIP for Adeptus Titanicus

The #MonsterMarch6 titans have been (mostly) highlighted, final details added, and touch ups (mostly) completed.  They got a solid coat of flat lacquer and can be seen as I left them, drying, last night.  Next I will be applying the weathering powders that bring home the Mars desert feel to the bases and tie the titans to the ground a bit better so they don't simply appear poised above it.  I'll call the project done at that point with one final photo shoot post from the light box to send it off.

I hope you've found some enjoyment and inspiration from these projects.  The GW Adeptus Titanicus titans are full of hobby joy and a real pleasure to work with.  I'll likely continue to turn the crank on these kits until the Horus Heresy release snaps me back to 28mm scale once again,later this year.  I have two Reaver titans and a Warmaster Iconoclast yet to complete from the backlog...

Cheers and Happy Gaming!



  1. Been really enjoying following your progress on this latest round of titans