Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Squaduary 2018: My Official Pledge!

Squaduary 2018 by
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Following on the first ever Squaduary in 2017, its time for the 2018 Squaduary challenge. Last year I pledged (and completed!) a squad of five Deathwatch Space Marines. That was a fun challenge that taught me a lot about painting Black, particularly with regard to edge highlighting power armor!

Deathwatch Space Marines from Squaduary 2017

For 2018, I'm doubling the model count and pledging to paint a full squad of 10 Dark Angels Primaris Hellblaster Space Marines.  Here they are primed and standing by...

Dark Angels Primaris Hellblasters pledged for Squaduary 2018

I hope to take what I learned about edge highlighting and apply it in spades to these dark green power armored marines.  I intend to follow the GW paint recipe for Dark Angels over all, but I will be substituting in some Vallejo and P3 colors here and there for things like metallics where the color choice won't take away from the overall Dark Angels look. The models have been based on their stock GW 30mm round bases.  My proprietary mix of model railroad ballast was then glued down with Elmer's wood glue to provide the ground cover, which matches the vast collection of (primed but largely unpainted) Dark Angels that I already own. I primed the squad with Vallejo Surface Primer Black using an air brush so they would be set up and ready to go for February 1st.  

Tune in over the month of February for updates as the project continues. I'm very excited to get to work!  Many thanks to Rory over at for hosting this challenge. If you are reading this and haven't yet made your own commitment to paint a unit over the month of February, what are you waiting for??

Cheers and Happy Gaming!


  1. That is going to be a lot of shots... a lot of dangerous shots.

    1. Ha, that's the truth! Not sure the whole unit will ever deploy, but I'm unable to build anything short of full size units. :)