Friday, September 30, 2016

WIP - Deathwatch Drop Pod work continues

 Another session and now the pod is fully assembled and glued permanently.  A great milestone! After some Google images searches I decided on how I wanted the console to look.  First up was some freehand work to draw in a tactical screen on the console's center dome.  I saw an example with blue form the internet and thought that was a nice change form the typical green screens I have seen (and done elsewhere). So I based the screen black, drew in the screen with a Vallejo light blue of some color, I forget. I then washed the whole screen with GW Drakenhof Nightshade.  After that dried, a layer of gloss coat completed the effect.

Some small screens were then painted in around the console where the crew might get individual views on various tactical plots and order updates, etc.  These were painted identically to the main dome screen. Some red buttons where added in to break up the endless metal dry brushing. In addition some brass/gold elements were painted in.  Vallejo Chrome was used to highlight the metal areas.  The pod assembled, I may go back and add some additional highlights at some as needed.

Here is a shot of the base with the console glued down.

 Deathwatch Drop Pod Base with Console 

And a close up of the engine which had been competed during a previous session. Here, just enough detail and highlights were added to give the pod interest when the doors are down.  I am pleased with the how the metal areas came out.  The photo is a little out of focus unfortunately. I didn't notice until writing up this post. It's all glued in now, so no goign back to this sort of shot.

Here is the assembled pod.  No longer will it be pulled apart.  Everything is glued in. I was disappointed to learn that some small amount of super glue apparently ran into the gun mount and froze it in place....thankfully it is oriented shooting out an open door and not into one of the fins. Annoying after the effort to assemble it and carefully paint it keep from freezing it in a fixed position in the first place.

I love how this is coming together...a larger and more in-depth project than I expected at the outset.  With all the detail in this kit it is worth the effort though and I'm really psyched to see it coming together.   Time to wrap up any highlighting of the insides and close it up so I can complete the outside!!

I decided to join the Dreadtober 2016 effort this year after watching all the fun projects that come out of the Dreadtober 2015 event last year. This year, by coincidence, I have a Deathwatch Dreadnought to paint and this will be the perfect incentive to get it done and advance my Deathwatch project. Stayed tuned for some Dreadtober posts as the month of October advances!

As always, Happy Gaming!

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