Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius

Here's a pic of the assembled Deathwatch kill team from the Deathwatch Overkill boxed set.  I managed to get them finished earlier this month and ready for paint just in time for the new codex release! The bases are traditional glue-and-gravel with some additional bits added from on of the GW 40K basing kits. The servo skull is on a custom resin base from Secret Weapons Miniatures - just a spare from the bitz box. This guy may end up used with an Inquisitor or other model so I wanted it to have more "visual interest".    

Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius WIP
Deathwatch Kill Team Cassius WIP
Speaking on visual interest, these new models are really great looking.  The details are amazing in the plastic as we've come to expect and the poses are fun too. I will have the new Death Masque boxed set soon to bulk out this initial force and I'm looking forward to the bitz form the new veteran Deathwatch sprues.

In addition to that, I already have two five-man squads assembled and mostly painted from the past.  One is a Deathwatch Veteran squad I purchased on eBay a while back.  It's already painted and can fit right in, though these are converted models and will lack the flair of the recent releases.  I'll use them to bulk out list in larger games. The second is a Deathwatch Vanguard squad I built as a fast attack hit team to join my Imperial Inquisition forces form time to time.  These guys are well on their way to being painted, but need chapter pauldrons completed among other details. I built these using the new Assault Marines sprues so they look a bit less dated though still lack some of the veteran panache. :). once I see what I have for bits left over from the new sprues and can compare looks, I may make some modifications to the existing models before completing their paint jobs.

I'm looking forward to spending more time with the codex to develop a list and sort out what I want to build and paint to "finish" a small force of Deathwatch. I have a couple inquisitorial Rhinos that will likely get requisitioned (there were originally targeted as Stormtrooper transports when they were a thing in the Grey Knights codex). I also have an Inquisitorial Land Raider Redeemer that my just be requisitioned into the Deathwatch and occasionally seconded to Transport high value Inquisitors when needed. So I think maybe a Razorback with a couple turret options would be a good add...and of course the new flier/transport!! :)

I also reached out to eBay for a couple additional Deathwatch upgrade sprues to allow me to add a few more marines where necessary to complete new kill teams. This will help me make use of my rich collection of marine kits in the bitz box.

And all of this has me thinking more about the Red Hunters Space Marine chapter that I started working on just before moving house last year...It's going to be a good time for the forces of the Inquisition!  Having completed a Ordos Malleus inquisitor and retinue last year to pal around with the Grey Knights, I now think its high time I completed an Ordo Xenos inquisitor to hang with the Deathwatch...I mean it's only fair, right?

There really is no end to the project opportunities!

Cheers, and Happy Gaming!

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