Monday, January 5, 2015

Reinforcements - A new Imperial Knight Freeblade WIP

Freeblade Imperial Knight Errant


I have loved the Imperial Knight kit since it released, and have sat on two boxes just waiting to decide how I wanted to build them.  In then end, I decided on building both as freeblades: one Knight Paladin and one Knight Errant.

The Knight Errant is up first.  In thinking about a background to fuel my build, I settled on reinforcements for my Grey Knights and Inquisition forces.  The Knight Errant would be aligned with the holy Ordos of the Inquisition, service the Ordo Malleus directly to atone and forestall a sentence of exterminatus.  The backstory in simple form:

A detachment from house Krast was involved in an action against Chaos alongside the Astra Militarum and a force of Grey Knights.  The battle raged on until it became clear that only exterminatus would protect the Imperium of Man against the taint and influence of Chaos.  Astra Militarum elements in the field along with all but one Imperial Knight involved were caught up and destroyed in the Exterminatus ordered by the Inquisitor in charge of the overall action.  The world upon which they fought was reduced to a cinder of barren rock in moments.

Under guidance from the Grey Knight Brother Captain involved, the Inquisitor spared a single Imperial Knight whose valor in the battle and commitment to the total destruction of Chaos was undeniable and cried out against the ultimate sanction.  The spared knight was the only survivor of his detachment and had witnessed such horrors that summary execution was the only acceptable action by Holy Order.  Knight suits and their valiant pilots are a rare asset in the fight against the Grim Darkness, however.

So it was that under Inquisitorial mandate and the threat of exterminatus the Knight was ordered to renounce his House Krast affiliation and vow service only to the Inquisition where he would live out his remaining days of atonement in service to the Ordo Malleus.

The knight was permitted to retain his battle honors, along with token markings of recognition for past commitment and service to the Mechanicum with which his house is allied. In these the knight would not lose honor for accepting this new service over death.  The knight maintains the serpent clasped by a gauntlet as personal heraldry in recognition of an honorable past and to signify his commitment to ending the threat of Chaos in all its forms. The addition of Inquisitorial regalia of course signifies service to the Inquisition and the eagle is maintained to show loyalty and service to the Emperor over all.

Fluff aside, here are some shots of the Knight in progress, starting with the base:

Custom Imperial Knight Base

A resin Space Marine casualty from the bitz box was painted up as a wounded Dark Angel in honor to my existing Dark Angels army and placed as if the knight has stepped up to defend the fallen warrior.  Close inspection will reveal small casing from the bolter and larger casings from the heavy stubber of the Knight Errant.

And now an early shot of the Knight on the base:

Freeblade Imperial Knight Errant WIP

The Knight is airbrushed various reds from the Vallejo model color and model air lines. The rest is brush painted.  For this project I am using mostly Vallejo paints with some Army Painter colors, primarily for metallics and the Dark Angel.

Here is the model attached to the base and with decals applied.  Both weapon arms need a lot of additional work and I'd like to take a hand at applying weathering powders to gain some experience there.

Freeblade Imperial Knight Errant WIP

Here is a front and back shot of where the Knight stands today.  More highlighting and shading, plus painting on the Inquisition icons.

Freeblade Imperial Knight Errant Front
 and the back...

Freeblade Imperial Knight Errant Back

And lastly a couple details of the work on the upper armor, and the main weapon arm where I am experimenting with heated metal looks...

Freeblade Imperial Knight Errant Top Carapace

and a close up of the muzzle in progress...

Freeblade Imperial Knight Errant Thermal Cannon Detail

This has taken several months to complete but it has been worth it and has provided a nice distraction to my new duties as father of two girls (a new baby and a toddler).

Hope the post inspires.  Happy New Year!

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