Thursday, September 22, 2022

Pre-Heresy Dark Angels Legion Predator Squadron WIP - Part 2

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Legion Predator WIP

 Still making progress on the Predators this week. I got the tracks painted and some shading applied on them. The same for the exhaust stacks and a couple other metal bits on the hull.  I put some work into the Conversion Beamer and was able to get it assembled.  This isn't a weapon we see a lot, so there isn't a ton of reference out there for it.  That frees me up a bit to use some artistic license, I guess.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Legion Predator WIP

The Lascannons got some metal base coats as well, but not much else.  Still plenty of cleanup to do, but I'm waiting to do all the black cleanup until everything is initially base coated. I haven't decided what else needs to get painted that ISN'T black.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Legion Predator WIP

The other Predator in the squadron is equally far along, more or less.  I haven't done much with the turret at this point.  I'm still considering how I want the main cannon to look.

Horus Heresy Dark Angels Legion Predator WIP

The heavy bolters have been roughed in with some metals, but their looking super rough at the moment.  I used some Agrax Earthshade on the stacks and tracks to add a weathered look.  I don't want to go hard on the rust as the legions likely maintained their vehicles to a certain standard.  Still, an exhaust stack and tracks are going to wear and rust regardless, one would think.  This also helps these metals look a bit different than the metal on the bolters, etc. so there is more visual interest.

More progress this week as I continue to drive these tanks towards completion. I haven't had a lot of painting time this month, but I can't really be disappointed in the progress.  Next week, I should be able to share pics with the transfers applied as well and more painting progress over all.  DreadTober is coming fast and that will mean a hard stop on this project for the month of October. Hopefully I can put a big stamp o' DONE on these tanks before then!

Cheers and Happy Gaming!

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